Making the Best of His Bromance(s)

So, your boyfriend spends an ungodly amount of time with his best guy friend(s). Maybe he cancels plans with you sometimes, so he can go to a game with his buddies. Maybe he texts them every day, and even talks on the phone with them about whatever it is guys talk about. But imagine he didn’t have any guy friends at all. Wouldn’t that be worse? Paul Rudd and Jason Segel showed us in I Love You, Man, that bromances can get a little out of control at times, but ultimately, they are necessary. Here are some of the reasons why his bromance(s) are a great thing!

More You Time

When you are in a serious relationship, after awhile it can feel like the only person you ever see is you significant other. You want to spend as much time with them as you can. But you need some time for yourself too, so spend an evening he is out with his friends, doing whatever it is you want to do. Eat the gluten-free pasta he hates, for dinner. Watch The Bachelorette on TV instead of streaming it a couple days later. Call your mom and gossip, without him rolling his eyes at you. If he didn’t have friends to go out with, he would constantly be looking to you for entertainment, and that can get exhausting.

Group Hangouts

Try not to look at his bromance(s) as competition for his time. Look at them as another group of people to hang out with. Some of them probably have girlfriends too, so that is a built-in double date. There is nothing wrong with spending time with different types of people. In fact, it will make you a more well-rounded person! Maybe one of his friends is a film buff, and gets tickets to premiere events. Maybe one of them works at a cool restaurant and can get you reservations you would never be able to get on your own. Not only could you meet someone you could become good friends with, but there are always perks to having more acquaintances.

Guilt-Free Girls’ Nights

You don’t want to be getting all dressed up to go out with the girls with your guy moping in the background because he has to stay home alone on a Saturday night. If he has plans of his own, you will be able to hang out with your own friends, and not feel obligated to invite him along every time. You also don’t want to be that girl that is checking her phone all night, and stepping outside to take a call, because her boyfriend “can’t find the cheesy popcorn” and needed to call to ask where it was at 11pm. Healthy couples can spend time apart without obsessing about what the other one is up to.

Reinforces What a Great Catch He Is

People who are capable of making and maintaining strong friendships are usually known for their loyalty, integrity, and great personality. If your guy has friends that he has known forever, then he must have some great qualities. His friendships show he is good at making connections, and keeping them. And that is a great sign for the future of your relationship!

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