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Sometimes it’s hard to get to the gym. Life gets busy, work gets hectic, and you’re just unable to squeeze in the recommended allotment of physical activity you’re supposed to be getting each week. However, there are some measures you can take to sneak fitness into your busy lifestyle to burn calories and promote overall health.

Take the Stairs
However tempting it is to take the escalator up from the mall, don’t! Climbing stairs will burn extra calories while toning your legs and backside. Bonus points if you’re carrying some hefty shopping bags. Live on the 5th floor? Take the stairs as an alternative to the elevator. No need for awkward small talk when you’re hiking halfway up the building¦

Tense Your Muscles
Here’s a stealthy way to tone up without anyone even noticing (plus you can do it virtually anytime, anywhere):  try clenching your muscles for 30 seconds at a time for as many intervals as you can do. This sneaky fitness move can be applied to your stomach to strengthen your core, or your bum to enhance shape.

Drink Up
Whoever said that drinking on the job was bad clearly wasn’t talking about drinking water! Hydrate with H2O to get rid of excess water weight, aid with digestion and help keep you feeling alert throughout your workweek. Adding a slice or two of lemon to your water will zest up the taste, and the lemon will act as a natural anti-oxidant. Try to stay away from sipping sodas or too much coffee/tea, as these agents act as diuretics– leaving you dehydrated.

Making sure you are getting enough sleep each night is key for both staying healthy and losing weight. If it’s too late to hit the gym, hit the sack! It’s important to get between 6-8 hours of sleep a night.

Get Outside
If you’re brown-bagging it, it’s tempting to eat your lunch while finishing up last minute projects. However, try to take a break each day and physically leave the office. The walking will help you burn more calories, and taking a breather from stressful situations is good for your health (and your waistline).

Calorie Burn with your Commute
If you work reasonably close to your office, consider other options for getting to work other than driving or using public transit. How about dusting off your old 10-speed, or meeting up with a colleague to walk to work? This mini morning workout will speed up your metabolism and keep you feeling energized all day”maybe even enough to walk home.

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