Easy Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

You’ve probably read, literally, thousands of articles about quick weight loss, fast weight loss, easy weight loss – some work, others don’t. There are, however, some very easy ways to lose weight without dieting at all. Just reevaluate a few of your eating habits, take the time to read a few labels, and before you know it you’ll have dropped a few pounds in no time.

Eat more fruits and veggies
This is a great easy way to lose weight and get healthier. Most vegetables have almost no calories, and fruit only about 50 calories per half cup. Adding fruit and vegetables to your meals will fill you up in an almost calorie-free way, helping you to eat less. Also try eating more whole-grained foods, substituting them for refined products such as white bread, white rice and other refined products.

Snack smarter
Another easy tip for weight loss without dieting is to plan your snack attacks, so you are armed and ready when they hit. Cut up fruit and vegetables (see above) and put them in ziplock baggies so they are fresh and ready for snacking. Take them to work and munch on them when the snack urge hits.

Eat more
Sounds like a crazy way to lose weight without dieting but it works. If you starve yourself your body thinks it’s starving, too, and will go into a weight conserving mode. Be sure to eat three meals a day, and add in a snack or two if necessary. This will keep your metabolism humming along and able to lose weight “ no dieting necessary.

Keep a journal
Writing down exactly what you are eating and when makes it impossible not to realize why you are not losing weight. Mindless snacking at work, eating while standing in front of the fridge, nibbling on the snack platter during Happy Hour “ all of it adds up, often in a calorie-laden way. Writing down what you eat helps you study your eating habits and will allow you to make easy adjustments and fixes to your diet.

Read the labels
This is another great way to lose weight without dieting, simply picking up a can or bag or bottle and reading the label. By doing so, you’ll learn some eye-opening facts about the calories, fat, and sodium of what you were just about to put into your mouth. That innocent bag of popcorn or bowl of soup may be exactly what’s keeping you from dropping a few pounds. So take a peek at that label.

Weigh and measure
The simple practice of portion control is a terrific way to lose weight without dieting. In a world where everything is super-sized, it’s easy to forget how much a cup or ounce or tablespoon of anything looks like. A restaurant may serve you a plate of pasta that is six or more cups “ one cup should really be enough to fill any girl’s appetite. Six cups is 1,200 calories. Measuring food can help you realize how much you are eating or overeating, and once you get back in the practice of portion control you will lose weight easily without dieting.

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    • Yury
    • April 15, 2013
    concentrateHow during scoohl?I’m in scoohl but I find it hard to when I’m hungry. When out of scoohl I could lose massive amounts of weight but I need to be 100 percent focused.How can I lose 20 pounds FAST in scoohl? Thanks.
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    drinkingstop soda and drink water.throw away the chips, cookies, fruit sackns, candy and any other unhealthy snacks and stock up on fruits vegetable etc.and replace white bread with wheat bread. visit a gym once a day or go for a jog.
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    between? (At least 50-100 pdouns)?I am 17, will be 18 in like a month. I am 5’11 and 280 to 300 pdouns.Erhm I’m kind of lazy (cough) so its no suprise that the pdouns kind of made there self at home Is there anyway !? I should only be like 160 for my height and I’ve almost doubled that.Please help. Er I don’t think I can take medications and pills. Infact I don’t want to. o.O

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