Easy Steps to a Healthier You

Feeling rundown and tired is something most of us feel after managing all that we do. And sometimes, taking a quick holiday to recharge isn’t in the cards. With that in mind, here are some small things you can do on a daily basis that have big impact and can leave you feeling healthy, together and on top of your game.

1) Drink up
We mean water. Eight full glasses is a lot to conquer when you aren’t used to consuming that much and can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Start by simply adding two to three glasses more than what you normally drink and work your way up slowly. Drinking water keeps you alert and full of energy so fatigue doesn’t hit you before it should.

2) Exercise
For a minimum of 30 minutes a day. It’s best first thing in the morning, but if your mornings involve rushing to get the kids fed and out the door, fit this time in for yourself when and where you can. Go for a run or take a hike or lift some weights to your favourite playlist“ whatever it takes to get your heart rate up. Keep this up and you’ll feel energized, clear-headed, not to mention how fabulously in shape you’ll become.

3) Eat clean
And by this we mean, try to avoid processed foods with an ingredient list longer than the alphabet. Eat your fill of whole grains and vegetables and balance them out with lean proteins such as chicken, turkey or pork and fruits that will give you the kick start to your day you need, for example, bananas. While you are at it, try to break up your meals into six smaller ones to keep you full throughout the day and it works to regulate your blood sugar so you avoid those mind-afternoon crashes that inevitably end up in poor food choices.

4) Eat out less
In the summer, patios and meals with friends go hand in hand, but where you can, try to limit eating out and cook inside instead. Find some favourite recipes and become the master of your own kitchen. You’ll know exactly what you are eating“ no hidden fats or sauce laden dinners or lunches. And experts say, you eat more when you eat out. Generally two to three times a healthy portion.

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