The Busy Girl’s Workout

Are you too busy for the gym? If you would like to get an edge on your health there clever ways to fit exercise into your busy schedule, it is all in multi-tasking. Follow these tips to slim down and tone up while you are shopping, working at your desk or cleaning the house.

Boost your Balance. Find yourself waiting in line for the elevator or in a queue at the store? While you wait try balancing on one foot. Don’t worry, you won’t look silly, just put your weight onto one leg and lift the opposite slightly off the floor. Hold for about 30 seconds and then switch feet. This exercise helps to strengthen your bum, hamstrings and quads and also helps to improve your balance.

Take a Walk. You no longer need to fight over that parking spot closest to the entrance, next time you are parking choose a spot a little bit further from the door. That extra minute of walking to and from your car will go a long way.

Turn Up the Music. When it is time to clean up, turn on some music and start dancing. Some salsa while you sweep or dropping it like it’s hot when you pick clothes off the floor will help you burn more calories while you tidy up. Kill two birds with one stone!

Switch Seats. Trade your office chair for an exercise balance ball, the kind you use for abdomen and core workouts. Sitting on the ball will help you work to strengthen your midsection and pay attention to your posture. You will begin to feel stronger muscles in your lower abs and back.

Tip: Staying fit is more than just exercise, but also nutrition. Swap your sugar-filled pop or juice for a bottle of water. Fill one up in the morning and keep it in your tote as you go from place to place.

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