The Best of Pinterest Christmas Appetizers

What’s Pinterest for if not finding astonishingly clever DIY party inspiration? We’ve scoured boards for the very best of festive, easy and budget-friendly apps for your upcoming holiday shindig. Don that seasonal apron, light that candy cane scented candle in the kitchen and prepare to amaze your guests. These fun appies won't take a chunk of change from your wallet or a chunk of time from your day. Give yourself the gift of time this holiday party season, we say!
Cresent Holiday Appetizer tree courtesy of Que Rica Vida
Yes, you can actually make a savoury Christmas tree out of crescent rolls. All you need is a roll of Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls, cream cheese, chopped veggies. (Only on Pinterest.) Whip this hearty snack up for a creative crew you want to impress with something as good-looking at it is delish. This appie-tree only takes 15 minutes to make, too. How crafty you want to get with your veggie decor is up to you. 
Appetizer tree
Why are pinwheel sandwiches a favourite at cocktail parties? The sheer simplicity, bite-size, the spirall-y beauty all rolled into one makes them a failproof crowd pleaser. These cheesey, cranberry-speckled bites will definitely soak up the vermouth in those candycane martinis
Cranberry pinwheel
Baked Brie Bites courtesy of Everyday Sisters
All the creamy melty goodness of brie, in a crispy, bite-sized cup! These seasonal bites are best served hot, with lots of apricot preserves on top. This is the kind of snack you toss in the oven late into the night and promptly secure a spot on everyone's nice list. 
Brie Bites
For those classy, adult-like parties when you want to serve something elegant but uncomplicated (… and cheap), all you've got to do is half a cherry tomato, stick a basil-leaf wrapped boccancini ball inside it and spear on a tooth pick and call it a caprese bite! Drizzle with some good balsamic vinegar reduction and you're really cooking. 
Caprese bites
Spinach and Artichoke Bites Courtesy of Fab Food 
You know those heroes who bring a sourdough bread bowl filled with spinach dip to the party? The people who never leave with leftovers because the dip and bowl is devoured faster than you can say hot damn this spinach dip is better than Kelsey's? This recipe lets you bring that flavour – but cuter and more unique – in a bite sized pastry shell. 
Artichoke bite

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