Best Moves to Get a Killer Booty

It's almost summer time ladies and lets all be honest, we don't spend enough time sculpting our cute little behinds. Whether you want a bigger booty, smaller, or firmer – these below moves may be your saving grace. These work the glutes and the muscles that support them (the hip flexors and hamstrings) to tighten and tone your booty and core. You can add these to your existing routine in place of lower-body exercises or combine them for a all around workou. The greatest part about these moves, is you can do them in the comfort of your own home! No need for a gym membership to achieve the butt you have always wanted.

*First and formost – it is very important to stretch before starting any sort of excercise! Also, drink lots of water!

Single-leg Hip Extension
Lie faceup with your arms out to the sides, right knee bent, left leg straight and raised a few inches off the floor. Place your leg in line with your right thigh and push your hips towards the ceiling while forming a straight line with your body. Pause in this position and then lower. Then switch legs and repeat.

Simple Lunges
This is probably the simplest move to work those stubborn thighs and your behind. Make sure to keep your body straight, pull your shoulders back and relax. If you need extra balance, pick a point on the wall to focus on when doing this exercise. Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent. Make sure your front knee is above your ankle, not pushed out too far forward. To add some intensity, place some weights across your shoulders or use a small amount of weights. Make sure you don't over due it with the weights!

Quadruped Hip Extensions
To start, place all fours on the floor. Make sure your knees line up with your hips and your wrists line up with your shoulders. While paying attention to your core, while keeping your leg bent, slowly raise your left leg and press your foot up towards the ceiling with force. Repeat mulitple times per leg! This will definitely hurt the next day!

Wall Lunge
Best part about this move, all you need is a flat wall! Basically, pretend you are sitting on a chair by pressing your back against the wall with your legs bent. Make sure your knees and hips are level. 30 seconds is all you need to feel this burn!! For those of you who want more intensity, try for as long as you can!

With all these amazing workouts to perfect your behind, you have to make sure to not over do it! Don't do leg work every day, try to scatter these within your trips to the gym! (Or your at home workout regimine!)

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