Are Condiments Blowing Your Diet?

The obvious high calorie condiments you probably already know “ mayonnaise, butter, margarine “ but there are many other condiments you may be innocently adding to your diet that are actually sabotaging your weight loss.  Some are high calorie, some high in sugar or fat, and some all three! Condiments sometimes get forgotten in a calorie count when dieting “ it’s the chicken or potato or bread you’re tracking, not the squirt of ketchup or the sauce. But there are plenty of condiments that will load up an otherwise healthy diet and lead to a frustrating lack of weight loss. For the lowdown on some high calorie condiments, see below.

Ketchup. With only 15 calories per tablespoon ketchup may seem low calorie, but honestly is that all you use? Try measuring out one tablespoon just to see how little that really is. You’ll probably be surprised at the actual amount. Ketchup is also loaded with sugar, and some varieties also have pretty high sodium.

Barbecue Sauce. Barbecue sauce only has 50 calories per serving, so using this condiment as a dipping sauce won’t sabotage a diet, but most barbecue dishes are made with way more than that. So if you are trying to lose weight, considering skipping this high calorie condiment and any dishes made with it.

Blue cheese (and ranch) salad dressing. Two tablespoons “ which isn’t much for a nice sized salad “ can pack a walloping 200 calories or more. Both of these condiments are also popular as dipping sauces, for everything from pizza and buffalo wings to celery and carrot sticks. Avoid these high calorie condiments to keep your calorie count lower.

Peanut butter. Peanut butter  may seem like a good alterative because hey, peanuts are good for you. Remember the second word is butter, though. Two tablespoons of peanut butter can have 200 calories or more, so be careful how much gets smoothed onto a cracker or sandwich when dieting.

Jam and Jelly. That little fruit filled condiment can have 50 to 70 calories per tablespoon. At first glance jams and jellies may seem like a better alternative to butter or mayonnaise on toast or bagels, but just watch how much you use. Try using a sugar-free or all-fruit jam to cut back on the amount of sugar in your diet.

Hollandaise Sauce. Half a cup of Hollandaise Sauce has over 500 calories in it “ that’s right, 500 calories. This is one high calorie condiment that is deadly for any diet. If you’re dieting and dining out, skip anything made with this condiment, no matter how tempted you are. Or be prepared to spend some extra time on the elliptical.

Relish. Innocent looking relish may look almost good for you, especially since pickles are pretty low in calories. But some relishes can have over 30 calories a tablespoon, and that may not be the amount you’re adding. Like ketchup, try measuring out a tablespoon and seeing how small that amount is.

Good alternatives. For some lower calorie condiment choices, try mustard, lemon juice, hot sauce, salsa, or flavored vinegars. Most of these are ten calories or less per serving, and can spice up and flavor your meals without packing on calories, sugar, fat and sodium.

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