7 Times to Take the Plunge

Thanks, but I’ll just have the usual.  Is this your go-to phrase? 

We all have a tendency to take the road often-travelled at times. Maybe it’s because it has better lighting and makes it easier to walk in heels. But being seen in a less-than-flattering light or tripping up once in a while can teach you far more about yourself than sailing through the smoothest route. Here, ten times to grin and bear it “ afterward, you’ll just be grinning. 

Bite off more and chew like it’s your job
Unless the request is something like, “If anyone asks, I was with you yesterday between 6 and 9 p.m.,” take on any special task your boss gives to you if you’ve never tried it before, because you’ve never tried it before. It could be a huge success (making you look insanely talented and perseverant), or it could flop. Either way, you’ll learn a lot, and your head honcho will appreciate you rolling with the punches. 

Eating a new … smorgasboard
Probably the most common advice adventure-seekers get is to try a new food. But instead of a measly neophyte nibble on an appetizer, dive headfirst into whatever cuisine you’re trying. If you go to a buffet, you don’t take a trip to the salad bar and leave it at that. You have three plates of food, sample all the Jell-os of the rainbow and stash some dinner rolls for later! Same principle applies here. If you want to try a new food, do it justice. Try as many dishes as your stomach – and wallet – will allow.

Stranger than the average bear
That Trekkie with the patterned suspenders could be your dreamboat. But you’ll never know it if you shut him down because he doesn’t fit your usual tortured artist archetype. If you’re not sure you’re feeling a connection, ask to talk to him for a little while longer before you decide (most guys will enjoy the challenge), or just take the chance. You don’t have to marry him, but you could end up wanting to. 

Chippy chippy chop chop
This one’s pretty simple. Hair grows back.* If you see a picture of Carey Mulligan’s awesome crop and want to try it yourself (because trust me, I have “ or maybe I just want to be Miss Mulligan), pull a Nike and just do it. Shia not included.

* Yes, I know it takes some people more time than others to grow their hair out. I’m looking at you, I-put-up-with-split-ends-for-shoulder-length-hair-after-two-years. Eventually, it will grow back.

Get lost
Head to an area you’ve never been before and check it out (or even better, try a new food or get a haircut!), especially if there’s some kind of local festival going on. This is easier in big cities so that no matter where you end up, you can usually find your way back via public transit. Maybe it’ll become one of your new haunts.

A whole new world (of makeup)
The next time one of those poor souls in the department store asks Would you like to try [insert magic makeup here]? Say yes. They’ll probably gape like a goldfish at first, but once you kindly help them recover, you’ll get a brand new look for free. Every top-of-the-line product had to start somewhere. You might love it, and wouldn’t it be awesome to casually trot out that you discovered the next Lancome before it was cool?

Intro to awesome
There are lots of free introductory classes out there. Have you been hankering to try hot yoga, or give Italian cooking a shot? Take a look around your gym or community centre, or surf the web for activities in your area and ask about trial classes. It could lead to a hobby you’re passionate about, or even an exciting new career path.

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