6 Ways To Survive (And Thrive) As The Seasons Change

Whether it’s the gorgeous red and orange leaves falling to the ground to make way for a blistery icicle-filled winter… or the slushy, damp, and endlessly grey days that transition us from winter into spring, the fact is that no change of season is ever seamless (or pretty).

And we’re not just clocking the seasonal shifts by aesthetic changes nature – you can pretty much count on erratic temperature spikes and falls, increased allergy flare-ups, and unexplained fatigue. Lovely, right? All of this is to say that: when the seasons shift, you’re much more susceptible to catching a cold, or at the very least feeling worn out – and out of sorts.

The good news is that if you can stave off the cold (we recommend lots of sleep!), changes of season can actually be an inspiring time to reset your routine and implement small tweaks that help you to feel even more energized and happy for the new season ahead.


Clean House:
Maybe minimalism hasn’t totally taken over your life yet (or, like us, maybe you’ve slowly re-accumulated too much stuff for the fourth time!) Either way, using the change of season as your cue to pare down is a helpful way to reset and thus, feel lighter going into the next three months. It’s also a great time to donate unneeded items to charities or capitalize on the demand in online trade and buyer’s groups.
Takeaway: As summer’s coming up, decide if you want to keep – or donate that old BBQ. In the late fall, evaluate if you need that extra quilt, or if someone else could benefit from it this winter. Once you streamline your environment, you can make way for a few extra tokens to zhuzh up your space.

Embrace seasonal eating:
There are so many benefits to eating what’s local and in-season. For one thing, making seasonal recipes help you get pumped up for that time of year. Pumpkin pie or squash soup in the fall? But seasonal eating is also cheaper, easier to find fresh and local, reducing the environmental footprint, and most importantly, eating seasonally is aligned to what your body’s natural needs at that particular time of year.
Takeaway: Try 3 new recipes with seasonal ingredients or plan a seasonal-themed dinner party.

Do a wardrobe update:
Obviously certain clothing items transcend the seasons: you’ve favourite pair of jeans, a perfect white tee, that light-weight grey cashmere sweater you love so much. But let’s get real. Fashion is one of THE BEST parts of seasonal changes. If you love updating your wardrobe with a just-right balance of timeless classics and fashion-forward statement pieces…embrace seasonal wardrobe updates to keep your habit in check. Selecting a few key pieces (insert the number that works in your budget), every new season allows you to keep things feeling fresh, without starting from scratch.
Takeaway: Pick your favourite trend-colour from the fashion report and buy a solid and print item in that hue. Invest in one or two new stapes that can work across at least two seasons. I.e. a leather skirt that you can style throughout fall and winter. Or a creamy-hued linen jacket that works from early spring to early fall.

Change up your playlist:
Fresh beats is one of the top ways we keep ourselves motivated at the 29Secrets office. One of our favourite functions? Spotify’s “Mood” category, where we’re served a slew of playlists fitting for our current vibe
Takeaway: Check out Spotify for seasonal playlist reco’s for just the right soundtrack to your moody fall or endless summer.

Seasonal meditations & reflections:
Sometimes you can get pumped up for summer with a great playlist and a few new outfit finds – and sometimes, your body and soul may be holding you back from embracing your new phase. When it feels like the latter, it’s time to embrace some reflection and perhaps some meditation. Spring and fall are key times to let-go of things that may be dragging you down or holding you back. Spending time reflecting and setting new goals for your next chapter is incredibly important – and a great way to help you feel grounded.
Takeaway: Make a gratitude list of everything you were grateful for last season. Is there anything from the past season that is no longer serving you? Let it go. Write 3 new goals for the three upcoming months. Spend time in nature, appreciating the new season that’s coming upon you.

Change up your skincare routine:
Temperature and humidity changes outdoors, in addition to heating and cooling systems indoors can wreak havoc on your skin. It’s important to use the change of seasons as a cue to address what your skin needs.
Takeaway: Switch to lighter or more nourishing moisturizers and foundations, depending on the season. Consider a humidifier or dehumidifier for your environment, and most importantly – listen to your body to learn what you need.

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