5 Ways to Channel Your Inner Zen and be the Most Relaxed You

Rethinking your state of mind at the beginning of 2016 will help you to set a relaxed tone for the rest of the year and allow you to stay more in control of your mental and physical health when you are met with stressful times throughout your daily life. Here are five simple ways to channel the most peaceful version of you 24-7 and allow you to be happier and more able to achieve your goals.

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3. Colour


Remember how much joy you found as a child colouring in your colouring books? Well that joy actually had a calming quality to it. Drawing on the healing capacity of colouring, the current trend of adult colouring books may be something you may want to try on days when you want to take it easy and carve out some me time. Here are two of my personal favourite books. Try Fantastic Cities: A Colouring Book of Amazing Places Real and Imagined ($20) and Colour Me Calm: 100 Colouring Templates for Meditation and Relaxation ($15).

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