5 Ways to Channel Your Inner Zen and be the Most Relaxed You

Rethinking your state of mind at the beginning of 2016 will help you to set a relaxed tone for the rest of the year and allow you to stay more in control of your mental and physical health when you are met with stressful times throughout your daily life. Here are five simple ways to channel the most peaceful version of you 24-7 and allow you to be happier and more able to achieve your goals.

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2. Meditate

The power of meditation to heal you from both emotional turmoil and simple physical ailments, such as muscle pain and a recurring cold is simply incredible. Although the idea of meditation may seem daunting, simple ways to add it into your life include listening to short podcasts that help you to channel deep breathing in the morning and then enlisting yourself in guided meditation via a phone app and listening to some podcasts before bed. By both beginning and ending your day in such a peaceful way, you’ll approach your workdays and tasks with a newfound energy. The Breathe2Relax App helps teach the technique of diaphragmatic breathing for stress management. The Meditation Podcast by Jesse and Jeane Stern: Unique from other meditation podcasts, the podcasts feature binaural beats that impact the brain waves in a way REM sleep does for a super relaxed state.

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