5 Ways to Channel Your Inner Zen and be the Most Relaxed You

Rethinking your state of mind at the beginning of 2016 will help you to set a relaxed tone for the rest of the year and allow you to stay more in control of your mental and physical health when you are met with stressful times throughout your daily life. Here are five simple ways to channel the most peaceful version of you 24-7 and allow you to be happier and more able to achieve your goals.

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1. Essential oils and aromatherapy


Use healing and relaxing essential oils into your daily routine to stay calm during high-stress moments. An essential oil diffuser spreads the healing powers of essential oil into the environment of your home. Try the stylish and ornamental looking Saje aromaGem Ultrasonic Nebulizer in Gold ($70) in combination with the Saje Peaceful Diffuser Blend Collection ($45). The range of Peaceful Diffuser blends include the Yoga, Tantra, Gratitude and Good Karma blends, all-uplifting and relaxing scents anyone can benefit from in their daily lives. Just add 10 to 15 drops of either blend into the diffuser along with the water and let the therapeutic blend do its work. Apply essential oils to pressure points such as your temples, wrists and your hairline at the base of your neck to absorb the healing oils into your bloodstream and inhale the beautiful natural aromas. Try Province Apothecary Sleep Well Therapeutic Roll On ($32). Ease yourself into a peaceful sleep and ease your anxiety with the relaxing power of lavender and rest your mind with soothing ylang ylang.

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