5 Summer Reads You Won’t Want to Put Down

Our guide to the perfect summer read for everyone and anyone…

For the naughty one…
Beautiful Bastard – Christina Lauren

Continuing on with the EL James trend, Beautiful Bastard is fan-fiction-turned-bestseller that tells the tale of a passionate and stormy office relationship between a high-flying, perfectionist executive and his ambitious, young intern. Yes we know, it sounds all too familiar, but hey, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. If you’re looking for something to make your summer days even hot and steamier, this is undoubtedly it.

For the romantic one…
Wedding Night: A Novel – Sophie Kinsella

From the author of the uber-popular Shopaholic series comes a hilariously charming tale of the endless quest for ever-lasting love. When Lottie’s boyfriend fails to propose when she expects him to, she runs into the arms of an old flame who is looking to cash in on their “if-we’re-not-married-by-30” pact. Her sister and his best friend, however, have very different plans about how this impending marriage is about to go down. The wedding night is about to get ugly.

For the single one…
Get The Guy: How To Find, Attract, And Keep Your Ideal Mate – Matthew Hussey

Love ain’t easy, trust us ladies, we know. So why make it any harder than it has to be? Enter Get The Guy, your one and only sources into finding the man of your dreams this summer. Here relationship expert Matthew Hussey offers insight into the male mind and will help completely change the way you look at men, dating, and finding the right guy for you.

For the thrill seeker…
Inferno: A Novel – Dan Brown

It has been ten years since Dan Brown first released The Da Vinci Code, one of the most popular books of all time. Now Brown is back, with the fourth installment of his wildly successful series, where Professor Robert Langdon returns to Italy and finds himself wrapped up in a world that centers around the epic poem Dante’s Inferno. Using the literary masterpiece as a guide, Langdon delves into a dangerous journey and a stunting riddle that must be solved before things are changed forever.

The travel junkie…
Five Star Billionaire – Tash Aw

Critically acclaimed writer Tash Aw returns to the publishing world with an epic breakout novel that looks at the dramatically intersecting lives of five individuals residing in Shanghai during a time of reinvention and shifting cultural norms. Dreaming of love and personal growth and, of course, a better life as millionaires, this stories magically weaves together five incredible journeys through the world of New China and beyond.  

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