5 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

So you landed the job interview. While getting your resume seen is half the battle, you have to show your interest in the company by going beyond your basic when are you looking to fill the position? Applying for jobs is one hell of a roller coaster ride”one that most of us can relate to”but it’s hard to come off naturally and confidently during an interview when all you’re thinking is that you hope you’re making the right impression and that you haven’t sweat off the concealer covering your zit. While you may feel like you’re being grilled about everything from your previous job experience to your blood type, this is equally your opportunity to find out about your prospective employers, and see if it would really be a compatible match, but you have to be sure to ask the right questions.

How would you describe the company culture?

Do you see yourself working in corporate setting, or do you want to sit around a communal table in a loft? Beyond just the setting, how do you envision your relationship with your co-workers and superiors? Take this time to feel out whether you’ll be expected to be tethered to your phone answering emails long after you’ve left the office, or kicking back having a casual drink with your new work pals every Thursday evening.

What are some of the company’s short-term and long-term goals?

Showing an interest in the company’s trajectory shows that you’re in it for the long haul and are interested in making a difference and not just clocking your eight-hour day. This is also an example of your analytical side, where you see your skillset fitting in to benefit the company’s growth and healthy bottom line.

What is the growth potential for this role?

You’re a go-getter, and you want to show it. A new job will surely come with new challenges, but you’re not one for staying status-quo for too long. If you’re the type that’s motivated by attaining the next milestone, then make sure that the potential new job has some growth potential so you can stay within the company for a few years. If you see yourself getting bored quickly, it may not be the job for you.

Do you conduct semi-annual and annual performance reviews?

Performance reviews can be a huge source of anxiety, but are also really useful instruments for lobbying for a raise or a promotion while also perpetuating your own professional growth both in and out of the company. While annual performance reviews are pretty typical in the workplace, semi-annual performance reviews can be good to track your short-term goals and serve as a good reminder to your supervisors that you’re consistently delivering. Requesting these reviews shows that you take initiative and like to stay organized and track your results.

Does the company offer benefits coverage?

This may very well be the very first question your parents ask you about your prospective jobs. While you may shrug it off initially as no big deal, medical and prescription coverage can be super-helpful. Are you staring at a computer all day? This can definitely take a toll on your eyes, so vision coverage is always a bonus. Sitting at a desk all day? Massage therapy could come in handy. Consider how much you spend on medical visits and prescriptions in an average year, and you may be surprised at how quickly those expenses add up.

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