5 Need-to-Know Social Media Tips

We live in a digital age. Social media- Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and everything in between is more than just a hobby, it is a skill…and a possible career. Here are five important social media tips that will ensure you get noticed in the increasingly crowded online space: 

1) Stay organic: Always be real. Imagine that whatever you are putting online is something you would share with a friend, face-to-face. If it is not something you would say, why tweet it? Longevitity and building truth is the most important thing in the digital age. 
2) Have fun: We don't mean that you should post all of your photos from last night at the bar online, but you should be playful and not overly constructed. Imagine your online community as your local coffee shop, chat with others, engage, be social.
3) Be aware of privacy settings: In a very basic sense, we know that everything we create or share online is stored and tracked. Of course, don't let this deter you from joining in the fun, but be mindful of what social media sites are doing with your information. For example, SnapChat has recently been embroiled in privacy debates. So, always remember that as fun as it is- ensure your passwords and all privacy settings are up to date. It's always best to be informed.
4) Find your community: This is a bit more tricky, but in the new landscape, employers will want to know that you are able to build community and create following and influence (especially for marketing or PR roles). Therefore, find your niche. Find your area of interest and invest time in connecting, liking, posting, tagging, and becoming part of that community. It is through these little pockets of interest that you will grow an audience on any platform.
5) Do a little self promoting: This is a tricky one. But using social media to showcase your best work – professionally and personally is a huge opportunity. Sharing your successes online help to build awareness of your skills, opens you up to new opportunities. However, ensure that you keep it humble and infrequent.  

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