29 Ways to Unwind After TFW

TFW has wrapped up and while it’s a fun week packed with Canadian-made fashion, learning about the upcoming beauty trends and products and parties, it’s also a long week filled with countless cups of coffee (and not nearly enough water), barely any vegetables and being on your feet for hours at a time. We’re fortunate to be in an industry that we get to experience these fun aspects like TFW, but by the time the weekend after rolls around, we’re also ready to unwind. Here are 29 ways the 29Secrets editorial staff relax after TFW.

  1. Sleep. Like a lot. A lot a lot.
  2. Sleep without putting an alarm on the next day
  3. Get a facial, or at least do an at-home mask (1000 coffees x 0 water = cranky skin)
  4. Get a massage
  5. Get a pedicure or do a foot soak (those heels are killer)
  6. All of the Netflix marathons (perfect timing for season 2 of Daredevil)
  7. Go to the spa and take a loooooong soak
  8. Eat vegetables (after a week of snack foods and protein bars, all I want is a salad)
  9. Wear sweatpants (or, alternatively, wear absolutely nothing)
  10. Catch up on PVR recordings
  11. Eat junk food like burgers, sushi and burritos (because after a week of no food, WE’RE STARVING)
  12. Exercise to clear our minds and get back on track
  13. Sleep (seriously, all weekend)
  14. Catch up with friends we had to ignore all week (brunch anyone? We’re STARVING)
  15. Book a vacation (or, if you’re smart, go on the vacation you already booked)
  16. More Netflix
  17. More sleep (there’s a lot of sleep after TFW)
  18. Catch up on laundry (all those outfit changes)
  19. Catch up on ignored emails, calls and texts from the week
  20. Catch up on all the news of the week because we literally only talked about TFW
  21. Act/dress/sleep/eat/drink like a college kid for a few days
  22. Wake up in the middle of the night stressing that you forgot to post that TFW story and then realize you posted it so then you get to sleep longer
  23. Ignore everyone because you had to be “on” literally all week
  24. Get FOMO because you decided not to go out to sleep/watch Netflix
  25. Drink excessive amounts of water
  26. Drink excessive amounts of coffee because we’re not addicted and need at least five cups to survive the day
  27. Read all the coverage from the week
  28. Read literally anything else but TFW coverage
  29. After hibernating for a few days, return to the real world refreshed and ready for next season

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