29 Things That Happen When You Get a Puppy

If you follow either me or our editor-in-chief Sara on Instagram, you know that we both recently brought home two fluffy bundles of joy. It’s a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly, but having a puppy is one of the coolest, funniest experiences ever. Here’s why.

1. Hi, you get a puppy.

2. You fall in madly love with them almost instantly.

3. You say the words “pee” and “poo” more than you ever had in your life, unless you’re a parent.

4. You spend most of your time trying to distract them with toys to prevent them from trying to eat everything in your house.

5. You develop “mom guilt” every time you have to leave home.

6. You’ll want to nap every time they nap (which is a lot).

7. Your social feeds are going to fill up with snaps and videos of your puppy being adorable and everyone will love it (even if you think that you’re being annoying).

8. You spend 90 per cent of your time talking baby talk.

9. Your friends start coming over more, but only to see the puppy.

10. You won’t get a lot of sleep in the first few weeks.

11. You have to plan out your plans so that you’re home to take out the puppy.

12. If you live in an apartment or condo, there will be a time during puppy training where you hate living in an apartment or condo.

13. You’ll encounter people that are immune to the charms of puppies and your reaction will just be, “How?”

14. You’ll get to experience the world through the eyes of a puppy and realize how exciting things like paper towels, leaves and mirrors can be.

15. You’ll see your new fur baby trip over their own paws and ears and jump and slip off the couch and you’ll wonder how they’re still alive.

16. You’ll do things you never ever thought you’d do, like stay up until 3am making white rice and sweet potato because your dog has an upset stomach.

17. Your camera roll will become mostly pictures of your puppy doing puppy things, like sleeping.

18. You’ll google really random things like “why does my puppy poop so much at night?”

19. You’ll all of a sudden become very aware of all of the gross things on the ground that you never noticed before, mostly because your puppy tries to eat everything.

20. You’ll also become very aware of your habit to leave your shoes out, but only when one of your sandals is being dragged away in your puppy’s mouth.

21. You’ll become very protective of your puppy around other dogs, especially ones that bark really loud (#momlife).

22. You’ll realize that your dog will pee almost anywhere if you’re not paying attention.

23. Every time your puppy does something puppy-ish (not bad, they just don’t know), you’ll question if you’re doing this right.

24. If you work from home, you won’t get very much work done because you’ll just want to play and nap with your puppy.

25. If you got this puppy with your significant other, your first words when you see each other will probably be, “Did he poo?”

26. Like everything else in life, a lot of people will give you opinions on how and what you should be doing.

27. When your puppy starts to get older, you might consider getting another one.

28. The first time your puppy sleeps through the night, you’ll wake up at 4am wondering if it’s still alive.

29. Every time your puppy licks you, snuggles with you or crawls onto your lap, your heart will melt all over again.

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