11 Easy Ways to Make Eco-Friendly Changes in Your Life

As we saw in Leo’s Oscar speech, global warming is a real issue. All over the world we’re feeling the dreaded effects of this growing epidemic, polar ice caps are melting and climate change is prevalent almost everywhere. Up until recently, global warming seemed like a distant idea, but now the issue is here, and it can’t be ignored. But what can one person do, when there are billions of people on this earth? Being a part of the collective efforts of many could have a big impact. It is simply a change in lifestyle choice, and an easy one at that. You should understand by now how natural resources are used to create and support our world. It’s as simple as being conscious and making the correct changes. If all this and Leo’s baby blues aren’t enough to convince you, here are some simple ways to make eco-friendly changes in your everyday life.

  1. Conserve water. When you’re brushing your teeth, or getting a drink of water, turn off your tap, be conscious with your water use and conserve, conserve, conserve. Take shorter showers and fix those leaky pipes (or get someone to do it for you if handiness just isn’t your jam). Conserving water reduces the energy that’s needed to filter it and a lot of energy is required to take water from the source and into your home, so make sure to do your part!
  1. Buy local. When you buy local, not only are you supporting your local economy but you are also reducing your carbon footprint. Bigger companies ship food from far away, but there are plenty of places (especially as the weather warms up) where you can buy locally grown produce. Better yet, have you ever thought about growing your own food, even if it’s just an herb garden? It completely restores your mental health, and any extras can be traded off to your friends or frozen for mid-winter meals.
  1. Reduce use of harmful chemicals. If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t subject yourself and the environment to it, whether it’s at-home cleanser or skincare products. These chemicals pollute air and water sources and have serious consequences on both humans and wildlife. Make sure if you have to use these chemicals that they are disposed of properly i.e. a toxic waste site.
  1. Compost. Composting reduces the amount of garbage that goes to landfills and pollutes the air. This process also uses your waste for its rich nutrients that helps your plants grow. Even your leftover coffee grounds can be used as a fertilizer.
  1. Remember your three R’s. Especially when it comes to your wardrobe.Trade your old clothes at a clothing swap, and if you don’t know anyone that has these parties then throw one! If you aren’t too keen on this idea than donate your old stuff to people who are in need. And if all else fails, cut up your old clothes for cleaning cloths at home.
  1. Stop littering. Seriously, stop! If you make a conscious effort to ensure your waste goes in the appropriate place, it will make a big difference! From your gum to your tissues to your cigarette butts, just throw it in the trash.  Not only are littered streets ugly, it’s just an awful thing to do for the environment. Would you litter in your own apartment? We all live in one world, all of us so please take care of it, because it’s yours.
  1. Go meatless. Meatless Mondays and Veggie Thursdays: make it happen! Not only is dedicated a day of eating each week to vegetables extremely good for you health-wise, but it’s also sustaining the environment. Something so small can have the same impact as driving a hybrid car. The greenhouse gases that it takes to raise animals to eat are harmful and lowering the demand one day out of the week really makes a big difference.
  1. Swap household cleaners. Look for plant-based household cleaners and swap them with the ones in your kitchen. Not only will you be stopping triggers to asthma and allergies in their tracks but your also reducing pollution both in your home and out. If you’re in a real pinch, use some plain vinegar left over from your oversized salad on one of your meatless meal nights.
  1. Go paperless. We are more connected than ever before, which makes this task a little bit easier. Not only is switching to paperless billing much easier and more convenient, but it’s also less wasting of paper. You should definitely join 2016 and save the world if you haven’t started already. Bonus incentive: Some companies are actually charging to send you a paper bill, so you may even save a couple bucks in the process.
  1. BYOB (bring your own bag). Everyone hands them out, they’re a dollar each at your local grocery store and you probably have about a thousand of them lurking in your closets, so use them already! Canvas and recyclable bags can store more and you don’t have to worry about them breaking half way home. Seems like an easy switch to me.
  1. Switch off. Be conscious of the energy that you use,  whether it’s leaving on excess lights or leaving small appliances plugged in and turned on. Candlelight offers lots to be desired while also cutting down on energy consumption which would lessen greenhouse gases, which lessens pollution.

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