Zendaya Puts Magazine on Blast for Photoshopping Her Image

You’ve just gotta love a woman like Zendaya. She stands up for young girls, and so quite eloquently. She’s the epitome of the modern role model. And she’s striking again.

The singer and actress was none-too-pleased with Modelsite magazine when they released images of their photoshoot together, after manipulating the images to make Zendaya appear thinner around her hip and torso area. She took to Instagram to compare the original photo with the retouched one, saying this is why there are such unrealistic standards for beauty.

The magazine took note of the singer’s displeasure and swapped the image out for the unretouched version.

Lesson 1: Don’t unnecessarily retouch the bodies of beautiful and intelligent women. These same women exude their own kind of beauty and don’t need to be manipulated to fit someone else’s version of beautiful. Lesson 2: Zendaya is wonderful. Don’t mess with her because she will call you out on it (and she’ll do it in the best way possible — with grace).

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