Which Canada Day Outfit Type are You?

Omg, I know, it’s already almost July and we haven’t even had one beach day yet. Not to worry, Canada Day is a second-chance start to summer, so it’s all good. How you spend your Canada Day says a lot about you”but what you wear on Canada Day is just as important.

Canada Day may seem like an unlikely fashion opportunity, but, if embraced properly, you can indeed have the summer of your dreams. It just depends on whether you’re a sneaker or espadrille wedges kind of girl. Here’s the drill: we’re going to break down the Canada Day outfit options into groups. We suggest you read through all of them before deciding which one best describes either who you are or who you want to be. HINT: It might be easier to identify the type of activity you’ll be doing on Canada Day if you need help figuring out what to wear. Here we go!

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The Canadian tuxedo


Drinking homemade (spiked) peach cocktail in Trinity Bellwoods in starfish position with your squad clad in a denim-on-denim ensemble. At first you might be wondering why we didn’t suggest that paisley printed playsuit for this activity but if you’ve ever actually spent the day lying down in the grass at Trinity Bellwoods you’d know our reasoning behind this. That grass is whack. Denim, jeans or shorts and a nice crisp denim shirt will make it harder”yet, not impossible”for ants to crawl up your butt or for the humidity to soak through. Might we suggest a new/old vintage pair of Levi’s jeans now available at Preloved

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