What’s Her Secret? Erin Green, Managing Director for Etsy Canada

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re reading a good book or binge watching the entire third season of House of Cards. However, online marketplace Etsy takes the cake and can keep us glued to our computers for hours shopping its unending goodness of accessories, clothes, home wares, craft supplies and more.

One of the brilliant minds behind Etsy is Erin Green, the company’s managing director for Canada, who is charged with growing the presence of its buyers and sellers in the great white north. She is a seasoned business professional with more than a decade of experience, holding past positions with noted retailers such as eLuxe and Lululemon Athletica. This savvy business lady shares her secrets to happiness, success, life and her favourite buys from Etsy.

Astrological sign: Cancer

Your spirit animal would be: Cheetah or lynx – fast but fancy!

Pedicure or manicure: Do I have to choose? Both of course!

Handmade or store bought: I incorporate both into my lifestyle, but I lean towards handmade or one of a kind first and foremost (obviously!)

You’ve found great success at well-known companies such as Lululemon Athletica and now Etsy. Sometimes, failure can accompany success. How do you pick yourself up after experiencing a professional setback?

Someone once taught me to ask for forgiveness and not permission. It was great advice. I think we learn from failure. I’ve gotten to a point in my career where certain decisions are less of a hypothesis and more of a fact because of things I’ve tried or tested.

There are countless amazing finds on Etsy, what was one gem of an item that you found/bought from the site?

It’s hard to pick just one. I have bought things for others that have put a smile on my face. Like a Labyrinth journal for a colleague who loves David Bowie or a charm bracelet for my mother with her grandkids initials on it. My favourite personal item is probably earrings from Harakiri.

If you could talk to your 20-year-old self, what advice would you give her?

Work hard. Play hard. Be tenacious. Hustle. Never burn bridges. Be resourceful. Be kind, be honest, be yourself. It will all work out.

You’re a mother to two boys. Did you always want to have kids?

I think I knew I wanted a career and kids. I suppose it took some time to determine if both were possible. Having a great support system is key and as they say, It takes a village.

Finish this sentence: I want women around the world to ___________.

Feel empowered.

What are three things in your wardrobe you cannot live without and why?

Heels, anything black, white or grey, and denim.

If you could create a recipe for happiness, what would it contain?

Family, career, laughter, travel, rest and relaxation.

Name a famous person (celebrity or historical figure) you would like to have a brunch with and why?

Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-a-Porter. She’s managed to juggle it all; an incredible career, family and she is a true visionary in the world of ecommerce. Plus, the clothing, all the clothing.

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