What’s Her Secret? Designer Misha Nonoo on her ALDO Rise Collaboration

New York-based it designer Misha Nonoo has created a brand that’s M.O. is “from day to play,” catering to women who have busy, active lifestyles and who don’t actually stop at 5pm. We all know that ALDO has created affordable and comfortable footwear and accessories to suit any lifestyle, so it seemed only perfect the two would come together to create the Misha Nonoo x ALDO Rise collection for spring, available March 14. We caught up with Misha Nonoo to hear more about the launch and to find out what it means to have a signature style.

Where do you get your inspiration?

The essence of the brand is really dressing women from 9am to 9pm, taking them from day to play and the idea of supporting a woman in a very busy and active lifestyle, whether she has a breakfast meeting or needs to drop her kids off in the morning.

Why was ALDO the perfect fit for your brand?

It’s so great to work with a team that understands real women. It worked with ALDO in the sense that they really gave me the freedom to create shoes that I think really fit women’s’ lifestyles and takes them through all of these different scenarios in their lives.

How did you decide which styles to include?

I always need a flat and a heel in my life, but it has to have a bit of attitude, a bit of sass and some comfort and easiness. I think that’s really the jumping off point for me. I don’t like wearing heels during the day, but I love a sneaker during the day”a cool, dressed-up sneaker, which is what we did in this collection. We did a flatform to give a bit of height, but it’s not uncomfortable, and then I added a feminine bow detail on the shoe, which I think is really cute.


How can women find their signature style?

I think finding your style is something that you grow into. Comfort and ease are the most important things. If you do lead a busy lifestyle, you want things that you feel comfortable in all day long”nothing that’s too tight, but nothing that’s drowning you. I think when you’re comfortable, you look your best.

How can women best care for their shoes?

If you buy the white sneakers, get the Magic Eraser”you can use that on your shoes and it’s genius. It gets literally every scuff mark. As for heels, I think it’s a sign of a very good night out if you’ve got scuff marks the next day. I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

Why did you choose to showcase your collection solely on social media?

It was about doing something different. It’s been extremely successful for us”I spend a lot of time on social media myself and I figured it was something that felt right. It was the right time and a lot of my audience and demographic spend a lot of time on Instagram, so I think it was just a new way of reaching that woman. I think social media is such a great opportunity to communicate with people in a very real and authentic way.

What are some of your no-fail beauty tips?

I think that the most important thing in beauty is skincare”you always need to treat your skin as the living, breathing organism that it is. I like to keep my skin super-clean and natural and I can never go without mascara.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Misha Nonoo x ALDO Rise collection, launching in stores and online March 14.

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