What Would Carrie Bradshaw Wear to the Cottage?

Bless her soul. Our beloved Carrie Bradshaw was the first girl to invent the idea of glamping and showing us city-dwellers that if we happen to be offered a weekend in a rundown cabin with a handsome young fellow, doesn’t mean we should abandon our entire sense of style or dignity.

When Carrie was dating Aidan (and secretly chomping on medium rare steaks with Big at Cipriani’s) she made her very best effort to spend some time with him at his cabin on the lake or whatever. It was a dump. And she hated every second of it. She tried to bake him a pie and burned her legs when a squirrel crept up on her at the window sill. She even invited Samantha to suffer through it with her. But all Samantha did was have relations with the farmer next door.

However, what was most commendable was Carrie’s commitment to her OOTD’s, giving us major inspiration for any future situation that would require us to bake pies and embrace the wilderness. If you bake a pie, you wear a plaid crop top and daisy dukes. That’s just comme il faut. If you plan on lifting two-by-fours in the mud, you wear denim overalls and wellington boots. Simple.

Call me crazy, but I actually love cabin-fever Carrie. Her curly unruly hair and natural makeup gave her a summer goddess air like no other. That’s one thing to always admire about Carrie Bradshaw, she always went for it. She committed to the look no matter what.

Next time you’re packing your overnight bag for a weekend at the lake house, cabin, cottage, island or basically anything that requires you to leave the city and use a septic tank, you might want to take a page out of Carrie’s book of life. Yes, pack the Lazypants, in case things get really rural. Otherwise, why not take the opportunity to look cute in a full-length prairie girl skirt and an off-the-shoulder blouse? Or wear pigtail braids. Get a pair of rubber boots. Tie a bandana around your neck and skip to my loo, my darling.

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