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Buying”and wearing”vintage clothing has never been hotter. It’s green, it’s unique, and all the celebrities are doing it!

There is nothing better than walking into a room and knowing you will be the only woman wearing a gorgeous vintage dress or piece of jewellery. If you’re a careful shopper, you can pick up some great pieces for a steal”and you may even be able to sell them later on for more than you paid. But there are still some things you need to consider before you start hunting for that perfect piece. Let us help:


This is a big one (no pun intended). Sizes run much larger today than they did in earlier decades. With vintage clothing, ignore what it says on the label”you really have to try everything on.


Even pieces that were well cared for can take on a funny smell from improper storage. Check and re-check every piece before you buy it (including seams and buttons), and if it has an odour, it might be best to pass on it. Some odours won’t come out, even with dry-cleaning, which might damage the piece anyway.

If you like it, buy it

Unless the piece is something enormously expensive that you aren’t that wild about, there’s no reason not to buy yourself a lovely vintage piece just because you like it. If it’s a piece you think you’ll wear often, such as a great jacket that will work with jeans or at the office, definitely grab it. Remember, it’s one of a kind.

Accessories are a great way to start out

If you’re not sure about vintage clothing, why not try shopping for vintage sunglasses or earrings? You can add glamour to your outfit without spending too much, and when asked you’ll be able to nonchalantly respond: Oh, these? These are just some vintage earrings I picked up one day.

Know where to shop

Do your research before you venture out. Check out reviews online of your city’s vintage shops so you know what to expect. Even better, if you’ve got a vintage-savvy friends, bring her along. Some shopkeepers just use the term vintage as an excuse to mark up an item that really isn’t vintage at all. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with store policies”most vintage shops don’t allow returns, so don’t buy anything you don’t really love.

Stores that buy, sell or trade are fun, as you can bring in some of your own pieces and walk out with something new!

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