Velvet is the Must-Wear Fabric for Fall

There comes a time in fashion when the stars align. When what actually looks beautiful on women is what the designers choose to parade down the runway. This fall, one such fabric, is shining as bright as the bling on Meek Mill. But, don’t worry, it won’t even cost you half as much. In fact, velvet is extremely affordable whilst still feeling ultra luxe. It truly is the win-win for fall fabrics.

If this is your first time wearing velvet, and for a lot of us girls it is the first time since growing up in the ’90s, meaning the first time we’ve had to do so with a bra, it can be quite daunting. The bra-wearing, included!

The best way to approach velvet is to be inspired by existing images and styles that are out there, and easily accessible thanks to Pinterest and this article. (*Dusts off shoulder*) The best part about velvet this time around is that it is acceptable to wear in bright jewel-tone colours in addition to the typical black velvet and it comes in everything from velvet booties (which we love with a button-down mini skirt) to bomber jackets. The more velvet, the better!

I mean, if you’re really feeling like you want to embrace the trend full force, you can always purchase Kylie Jenner’s velvet-wrapped Mercedes Benz G-Wagon for a cool $150k. That’s definitely one way to commit. 

Velvet-coated vehicles are definitely on the extreme end of the trend, to say the least, but there’s no stopping a stylish gal from introducing a new velvet sofa to her living room-cum-boudoir. We absolutely love this Jonathan Adler velvet sofa available at Black Rooster, and they have a location right here in Toronto!

If furniture and cars is too big of a dream, you can always settle for a perfect emerald green biker jacket like Josefine Haaning Jensen recently rocked on Instagram or a velvet green dress like Hailey Baldwin was spotted wearing, paired with black patent leather ankle boots.

Some more velvet shopping options and inspiration to follow:

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