Update Your Look With A Denim Jacket

Want to freshen up your wardrobe? The denim jacket is back with fabulous styles. A denim jacket can make a statement for younger and older women. A short denim jacket is the perfect look to pair with jeans or jeggings if you are young and want a fresh look. Women can pair a denim jacket with pants, skirt, or sleeveless dress to acheive a timeless look that is modern yet casual. 

Denim jackets designs for this summer are cropped to the ribcage or waist, which means they are perfect to pair with dresses, skirts, cargo pants and even shorts. Denim jackets work for any season, they are ideal to keep you warm in cooler weather or evenings when temps drop. Lightweight denim is available in all sorts of designs, from cropped to hip length jackets. It’s easy enough to dress up your denim jacket or dress it down depending on what you pair with this all purpose jacket.

Comfort is Key:
One of the reasons denim is so popular is comfort. There is nothing quite a comfortable as denim especially when well worn in. Denim jackets that are new are still in that comfort zone, able to be tossed on easily over whatever outfit you have on, they keep you warm and wear well. Denim jackets are also portable, a fast throw on item that looks good with everything. Get daring and pair your denim with feminine dresses and skirts. If you are covering more than one layer be sure to fit in your wardrobe one denim jacket that is roomy enough to cover multiple layers of clothing.

Go Vintage:
Gently used denim jackets can be found on eBay, in thrift stores and ing vintage fashion stores. A retro look from the 60’s or 70’s matched with your favorite pants can be a killer combination. The design may be slightly different than the current cropped denim jackets on the market, but with a little searching you may land a denim jacket with character and style, suited to pair with your current wardrobe.

Fashionistas find that whether the denim jacket is well worn and aged, vintage, or new, a denim jacket is an indispensible clothing item for any wardrobe. If you are into a 60’s look that stays in fashion or the curved lines of shorter denim jackets that make outfits look crisp and fresh, either way denim jackets are and always will be in fashion for years to come.

Check out Lucky Brand’s Wralee Worn Denim Jacket in Crossing Wash, $99. Available at Lucky Brand.

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