Reliable Clothing Pieces For Plus-Sized Wardrobes

Plus-sized women know there are clothing pieces in their wardrobe that always work. These old reliables will always make you look good and feel good. The basic items that add variety and spice to your look are wardrobe essentials that should always be available.

Tunics are a great choice for longer length and loose style. Tunics help camouflage the hip and thigh areas and are comfortable to wear. Choose a number of tunics styles that can be belted, or used with vests, pants, skirts and jeans. Always choose one or two basic solid color tunics that can match with most colors and fabrics.

Try Addition Elle’s 3/4 Roll-Up Cuff Military Tunic Blouse in Black, $49.99. Available at Addition Elle.

Button Down Shirts
Button down shirts are the perfect item for layering when weather turns colder. A white button down shirt is an important item to include in your wardrobe, it can be paired with numerous outfits and always looks clean and crisp. A selection of pattern, print, and solids are good choices for button down shirts.

Try Addition Elle’s Curvy Perfect Fit Blouse in White, $49.99. Available at Addition Elle.

Vests are always a good addition to tunics or shirts for spring and summer fashion. A fitted denim vest pairs well with soft fabrics, with vest closed or open. Fitted vests add to your overall look and helps give the illusion of a curvey waist. Menswear vests paired with a long white shirt and slacks or leggings is a dressier look that never goes out of style.

Try Old Navy’s Lightweight Handkerchief Vests, $17.99. Available at Old Navy.

Jackets are a indispensible item that can be paired with slacks or jeans, dressed up or dressed down. Jackets that are slightly fitted give you curves and elongate your body. Having a few jackets in your closet that fit each season gives you room to create classic outfits all year long.

Try Forever 21’s Striped Casual Jacket in Grey, $29.80. Available at Forever 21.

Sweaters can be used as a cardigan layering piece or a pullover sweater piece paired with skirt, slacks, or jeans. A good sweater in small print, earth tones or dark jewel color will always be good to mix with your wardrobe. 

Try Penningtons’ 3/4 Sleeve Pointed Long Cardigan with Ruched Back, $29.99. Available at Penningtons.

Dark Jeans
Dark colored jeans are a good choice for plus sizes, the dark color helps you look thinner and taller paired with wedges or heels. When you want to look dressier in jeans a dark blue or black jean looks more classic than textured or lighter jeans. Team your dark jeans with a classic looking shirt and jewelry and you are good to go from daytime to evening events.

Try Reitmans’ Original Comfort Straight Leg Denim De Luxe, $40. Available at Reitmans.

Little Black Dress
A little black dress is a must for any wardrobe. The black dress is a classic look that can be dressed up or down for daytime, events and special occasions. Black makes you look thinner and can pair easily with most jewelry and accessories. A black sleeveless shift can work well for warmer months and can be used with cardigans and jackets during colder weather.

Try Old Navy’s Ruffled Chiffon Dress in Black Jack, $30.99. Available at Old Navy.

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