How To Click With Anyone

Making new friends used to be about sharing half of your sandwich or making a new friend because you had the same backpack. Now, in grown-up-land, clicking with people is a little more complicated and there are more factors to consider. But, when it does happen, not only does it make you feel liked and good about yourself, it widens your circle of friends and connections. Here are some tips on how to really connect with new people that could turn into lasting friendships!

Look Beyond Looks
You may be the most attractive girl in the office, and you may get lots of the attention from guys at the bar, but that won’t get you very far with your girlfriends. Sure, you can bond over hair and make up, but you might be missing out on a relationship with someone who may not be as into those things. Be open to talking with people that are outside your ˜inner crowd’ and make sure you leave cliques where they belong; in high school!

Sharing Space
While there is a line between feeling cozy and feeling trapped, people often click based on their shared surroundings. This can be anywhere from the office, to the gym, to that new class you are taking after work. Clubs and activities are great ways to click and meet new people, male or female, because you already share a mutual interest in the activity you are doing! Next time you are looking for a little companionship, strike up a conversation with your new cubicle neighbour at work, or that girl you always sit next to at spinning class. You never know what kind of connection could come from it.

Sole Survivors
Whether your in a less serious situation like a long and boring board meeting, or a more heated experience like a power outage or trapped in the elevator together, bonding through survival can be a powerful thing. Hopefully, the situation won’t be too grave, but the out-of-the-ordinary circumstances will help you realise that you are in this together. Our brains go into survival mode and most of us will do our best to bond with the people we are with to make the experience more enjoyable. Think about it¦wouldn’t you rather get to know someone while trapped in an elevator, as opposed to freak out for five hours straight? So, the next time there is an impossible deadline that needs to be met at work, or you find yourself in the middle of a hailstorm with strangers, take advantage of it!

Proximity Factor
Clicking with someone doesn’t just have to do with talking; it can also be linked to just being in someone’s line of vision. If you are around a person enough, or they are around you- and you don’t find them too annoying- there is a good chance your brain will associate them with good feelings and will make you want to get to know them better. So, that co-worker you always sit across from at board meetings, or that cute neighbour who seems to get home from work at the same time as you, could become a quick friend¦or more than a friend! 

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