Trend Alert: Modern Metallic Jewellery

Forget pearls. Forget your gold and silver chains. Forget all the things you imagine when you think of typical, feminine jewellery. This summer, give your look a modern edge by trying out metal, geometric jewellery with tribal-like details.

Shapes are sharp and angular, not typical or soft. The jewellery is bold but wont overpower an outfit or make it look costumey. This look is current while  still making you feel unique. Generally in rosegold or brass colours, this jewellery can work well for day or night. They are generally mixed with natural fibres like leathers, gems, feathers, or other metals, but no matter the materials used this is one trend anyone can try.

Check out these 3 jewellery designers for inspiration:

Gretchen Jones

If you can get over the fact that she beat Mondo, Project Runways’ Season 8 winner Gretchen Jones has created fabulous pieces that are modern and earthy for her latest collection.  They come in a variety of unique shapes, like triangles and honeycombs, and have a bit of an arts and craft feel. She mixes metals with natural elements and rough engraving for a urban jungle mix that’s to die for.

Make a statement with Gretchen Jones’ Universe Necklace, $354. Available at 

S - Metal Necklace 300x400

Elizabeth Knight

Some of Elizabeth Knight’s jewellery looks like it just came out of a blazing hot fire. This rough unfinished look gives each piece a really unique, handmade feel. Mixing coloured metals with natural fibres, like leather, also adds to the feeling that some artistic hermit just hammered this piece together personally for you. The coolest look is the straight, rectangular studs, and horse hair bracelet that seems to defy gravity.

Be bold with Elizabeth Knight’s Armor Fighting Cuff, $330. Available at

S - Metal Cuff 300x400

A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty, a collaboration between Farah Malik and Dana Arbib, is a collection of beautifully crafted jewellery  inspired by ancient artisans using traditional practices from different cultures. Hand-carved and made of as many recycled materials as possible all the pieces have an eastern edge while still seeming simple and modern.  Most of the pieces have incredibe details, like engravings and fringe, and come in a variety of interesting shapes, like an octagonal or square bracelets, or perfectly triangular earrings. These pieces can be piled on, and the mix of old and new will make you feel like a modern day, Arabian princess.

Check out A Peace Treaty’s Dhoba Dangling Earrings, $150. Available

S - Metal Earrings 300x400

What do you think of this trend and do you plan to wear it this summer? Try it out with a patterned romper, gladiator sandals and headscarf to take your look to the next level.

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