Top 10 Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

The #OOTD was born on Instagram and so it is no surprise that the social network is the go-to spot to follow your favourite fashion bloggers. Their accounts are filled with the "behind-the-scenes" moments from their exciting and stylish lives. Here are our Top Ten Favourites and why we think you should follow them too!

1. The Blonde Salad Chiarra Ferragni's IG life is like an insider look into a truly cosmopolitan life. She is slowly but surely rising to A-List status (did you know she is the highest paid blogger in the world?). She just attended the Golden Globes and took her readers along for the ride! Instagram: @chiaraferragni

2. Dainty Girl Nicole Wilson is a Canadian, Toronto-based, blogger with outfit posts that reflect her roots (snapping photos in Canadian brands) and fashionable looks that are accessible! She is able to make any brand from high to low look dainty and sophisticated. Instagram: @daintygirl_to

3. Kastor and PolluxBianca and Dani, the two stylish BFFs who release all things creative on their shared style blog. Their personal style is young, vibrant and unafraid to break fashion boundaries. Their individual Instagram accounts showcase a lot of artsy pictures with funny Drake-referenced captions. Instagram: @biancavenerayan + @daniesque

4. Kendi EverydayKendi is the go-to for everyday women, offering them a little help in finding their own style within their means. Her IG has a lot of her #OOTD pictures but also some cute selfies of her and her husband. Instagram: @kendieveryday

5. The Sartorialist The original fashion blog. Scott Schuman gives his readers a glimpse of streetstyle fashion worldwide. His Instagram account is quite professional, as expected from an established mature photographer, but he occassionally posts pictures of him sitting with his international friends. Instagram: @thesartorialist

6. Aagdolla Antonio Griffith's blog brings us into the exclusive NYFW shows and snaps shots of all the stylish attendees. On his Instagram, he posts the other face of New York City, which are candid snapshots of the unique taste of the fashionable residents of the city. Instagram: @aagdollaphotography

7. Tales of Endearment A quirky blog featuring outfits and looks of high vintage fashion, written by Natalie Joos, a casting agent living in New York City. Instagram: @jxxsy

8. Pink Peonies Blogger Rach Parcell offers a very pretty and feminine personal style blog that showcases daily outfits out of her own (huge) closet (boudoire), which she takes multiple snapshots of on her IG! Instagram: @rachparcell

9. The Haute PursuitVanessa Hong's blog offers editorial-like outfit posts. The picture quality and her poses look like they’re straight of out a magazine. And her sense of “haute” couture style adds to the editorial feel. To compliment her editorial-esque blog, Vanessa posts many pictures that show off her eye for photography and her attention to beautiful detail like lines, focal points and composition. Instagram: @thehautepursuit 

10. De Lune Claire Person is has vibrant and curly red hair that makes her instantly recognizable. Her take on fashion is a refreshing and unique, incorporating both vintage and high fashion looks. That personality of hers transcends into her Instagram account, which is pretty non-fashion-blogger-like. It's just her and how she lives her life. Instagram: @clairegeist

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    • June 26, 2017

    Love De Lune and the Haute Pursuit 🙂

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