Summer Trend: Crochet

The only way you can wear wool clothing in the summer time, is if there are lots of holes in it. Case in point: the crochet trend that is sweeping the fashion world this summer. And it’s not just crochet clothing “ knit, weave, and macramé© are all variations on this holey style. This look is no surprise, as it goes right along with both the romantic and the 70s inspired trends we have been seeing this season. If you are still not convinced, here’s a look at the progression of this trend on the runway, the streets and straight to stores near you.

On the Runway
Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Emilio Pucci, ADAM and Christian Dior are just a few of the designers who featured crocheted clothing on their spring/summer 2011 runways. Many of them featured the look in white and neutral tones. The result is a totally elegant and fresh summer look. The runways really showed the potential of this summer trend, with sun kissed skin peaking through the holes of the garments, and simple accessories the complete the looks.

On the Streets
The most popular ways of channeling this trend on the streets have been tops, dresses and shorts. A cute crop top or sweater, paired with a lighter fabric on the bottom is the perfect stylish summer outfit. Model Joan Smalls rocks a mulitcoloured crochet dress; a unique take on the trend that is most often seen in neutral colours. Fashion blogger and former model Hanneli Mustaparta combines a flirty and feminine pair of crochet shorts with a vibrant yet simple orange top. This is definitely one of those trends that works well when paired with contrasting styles.

In Stores
By now you are probably swooning over all the ways to channel this amazing trend, and wondering where you can find your very own crocheted attire. Have no fear; many stores have taken this trend and made it available to those of us who are not models! One store in particular that is featuring this style in many different ways at affordable prices is Urban Outfitters. They have many sweaters, skirts, shorts and dresses for you to choose from. Or if you want to go a little higher-end, check out for great deals on designer clothing; like the gorgeous Tibi dress shown below.

Clothing prices/availability: Tibi Dress – $245, Urban Outfitters Skirt – $69, Urban Outfitters Sweater – $59)

No matter what your style, there is something for everyone! Just make sure if you are buying crochet bottoms and dresses that they have a built in liner, or you may have to buy a slip as well. As for the tops, a tight body-suit or bustier worn underneath will make sure you aren’t showing too much skin beneath the holey shirt. 

Sympatico Image


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