Stylish Solutions for Freezing Weather

Staying warm while looking fashionable is certainly a challenge during the holidays and the winter months which follow. However, that’s no reason to either freeze or spend your winter days inside in solitary confinement. It may seem impossible some frigid mornings, but you can look hot, be cool, and feel warm at the same time.

Patterned and vintage-inspired knits
Seasonal, comfy, and practical, you can’t go wrong in a fitted intarsia patterned sweater dress or a Fair Isle cardigan over a pair of indigo skinny jeans.

Cable-knit sweater gloves
The days when cable knits would appear solely on sweaters are long gone. Cable knits have found a second home on winter scarves and yes, even gloves. With the latest elbow-length styles, gloves have gradually been elevated to style symbols within themselves. If you’re wondering where to shop for your winter woolies this year, try retailers such as American Eagle, Winners, Suzy Shier, and GAP for affordable, trendy, and quality pieces. Long sweater-style gloves are definitely great for long days outdoors tackling your holiday shopping list or other errands.

Wool Peacoat
An essential, and has become a wintertime favourite for both stylish women and men. Whether it’s navy blue, black, charcoal grey, or a vivid and fashion-forward red, the peacoat is warm without being bulky or outdated. It’s appropriate for both a professional or casual setting, and it looks amazing with the variety of colourful winter accessories in stores lately.

Pointelle knits
The thinly knit pattern is adorable on V-necked sweaters, the season’s newest sweater leggings, and even on cold weather accessories such as scarves and gloves. Pointelle knits are wonderful for those who prefer lighter and more form-fitting materials as opposed to chunky knits.

Fingerless and removable gloves
Whether they’re patterned or solid, wool or acrylic, buttoned and striped or simply refined in grey, these are some of the season’s most popular gloves. The fingers detach from the palms of the gloves, making them convenient, versatile, and funky.

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