Stylish Ways to Wear the Suit Trend

If Barney Stinson taught us anything on How I Met Your Mother, its that suits make anyone and everyone look and feel irresistible, classy, and of course, stylish wearing a well-tailored suit or just going halfway and wearing a blazer.

Here are 4 easy ways you can wear the suit trend without spending a whole lot of money or compromising your personal fashion taste.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to suit up…

1. Get your blazer (or pants) tailored

You cannot, I repeat, cannot wear a suit blazer or pants and not get it tailored to your body type. It just won’t work and the fashion Gods will definitely not be pleased. Go the extra mile and tailor your suit to comfortably fit your body. Depending if you want it to look loose or to be more fitted, make sure you the sleeves aren’t too long and you can sit down properly without the pants being too tight or any other factor important to your comfort.

2. Pair with timeless accessories

You can go the traditional route and pair your suit with a tie (and yes, I am referring to both women and men because we can both wear ties) or you can change things up a bit and pair your new suit with your favorite accessories. From stacked gold bracelets or a daring emerald green statement necklace and black pumps, there is no limitation to how you can style a basic suit with bold accessories.

3. Change up the suit color

I can thank my dad for opening up my style horizon when it comes to different suit colors and styles since he has about 30 or more different color suits, which he wears depending on the occasion. Of course, you may not be able to afford a closet full blazer and pant combinations but you can still look for different color suits like red, white, yellow or navy. A good place to look for unique (and sometimes odd) colors is a vintage or second-hand shops, which are guaranteed to have various colors to reflect your own personal taste.

4. Add a signature element “ and wear with confidence

When Janelle Monae came onto the music scene and sported a classic tuxedo completed with black suspenders, a bow tie and black, shiny Oxfords, I was in love. Besides showing how musically talented she was and how beautiful and unique her fashion sense was, she owned that tuxedo “ and she still does today! Take cues from the beautiful singer and make the suit your own. Whether you have a vintage brooch from your grandma or a color of nail polish that you’re absolutely in love with, make it your personal element and add it your completed suit look. And as much as it sounds corny, you need to wear a suit with confidence “ it really is the best accessory.

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