Style 101: How to Layer

Layering season is upon us “ finally. And if you’re a little lost or worried you’re going to drown in fabric, never fear. We’ve made all the layering mistakes so you don’t have to, and now instead of worrying about layering this fall and winter, you can just do it. Let’s build this outfit!

1. First layer: tights and tank top
So yes, the first layer is obviously underwear, but we figured you knew that so nobody here needs to be remind you. Thus, if you’re going to go the dress, skirt or even shorts route, start with a pair of opaque or patterned tights to keep on top of one of the season’s big trends. Then, add a fitted plain tank top (usually about $8 at H&M) that you can wear underneath a sheer blouse.

2. Second layer: sheer (chiffon) button-up and shorts
For argument’s sake, pretend you’re wearing shorts. And for even more argument’s sake, opt for a pair of tweed high-rise shorts for that quintessential autumn, collegiate look. Then, add a chiffon button-up, tuck in, and top with a belt. Thanks to defining your waist, you won’t look bulky “ just don’t tuck in anything else.

3. Third layer: sweater or blazer
This is all you. If you’re attempting a preppy vibe, you can don a cardigan overtop of your blouse, or you can try a pullover for the token fall look. However, if you want something a little more modern or business-appropriate, opt for a boyfriend blazer and roll up the sleeves slightly — but not all the way because this isn’t Miami Vice. However, the cut of the sweater or blazer depends on you: if it’s important for you to define your wait, you might want to opt out of a long sweater or a blazer, so that it still looks defined. If you’re the opposite, your top layer can be longer. Ultimately, you know what works for you, so don’t let the concept of layering throw you off your game. 

4. Fourth layer: accessories
And now you get to go nuts. Since accessories are worn in droves this season, bulk up on bracelets and necklaces, and show no fear. You can also opt for an infinity scarf and over-the-knee socks (worn on top of your tights) for a cozier, winter-friendly look. There’s no wrong way to bulk up on accessories, so keep it fun, and get layering!

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