Spring 2011 Fashion: Crazy Spring Shoe Trends

The warm spring months have brought out our sandals and wedges and flats. But there are a couple of daring shoe trends that may have slipped past your fashion radar.

Making a statement this spring are architectural shoes that look more like a work of art than a shoe. Made with incredibly high heels and interesting cutouts and shapes, these shoes types are a mix of Lady Gaga and Geisha.

Take a look at some of these daring (or precarious) shoe trends for Spring 2011 and contemplate whether you can pull them off or not.


Wedges are being updated with cut-out shapes and patterns in the heel. These little windows ad a cool geometric element to an otherwise traditional style. Check out these F-Troupe Studden sandals with a triangular cut out (left). Another option? Try these United Nude Buckel Sandals (right) that have the heel completely cut out at the back of the shoe, almost making it look like you’re balancing on air.
Studded Sandals With Wooden Cut-Out HeelUnited Nude Buckel Sandals

Odd-Shaped Heels

Gone are the days of simple spikes or wedges. Now shoes are coming with heels and soles in different shapes and sizes. For example, these black Velvet Angel suede booties (left) have an extra front lip on the balls of the sole. Fendi’s Fantasia shoe collection also has shoes with extra triangular wedges between the heel and the sole, and one pair of platforms even has 3 distinct, cut out wedges (right).

velvet angelFENDI's Fantasia Shoes

These Loeffler Randall for Suno Erin Platform sandals even have a rounded wedge heel!

Loeffler Randall SUNO Erin Platform Sandals
Geisha-Inspired Platforms

Beyond heights this season’s shoes seem to be inspired by the shape of traditional shoes worn by geisha (slanted inwards from the toe in the front and wider and shorter at the back). Take a look at Acne’s platform shoes (left) from their Spring 2011 collection to get a feel for these high platforms. Another alternative are these Camilla Skovgaard Trekking Point Seude Booties (right) which mimic the same shape on the toe but mix it with a contemporary spike heel. 

Acne platform shoe 2011Camilla Skovgaard Trekking Point Seude Booties

Psssssst. Look for cut-out details, intricate patterns and bright colours as well!

Sympatico Image


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