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Nothing says summer quite like spending the day at an outdoor music festival soaking up the sun and the sounds of all our favourite bands (and discovering some future favourites). From  Lollapalooza to Canada’s own Osheaga, music festivals are at the top of our summer bucket list. And in the age of Instagram and street style photography, dressing to impress is (almost) as important as which bands are set to hit the stage. So if you’re voyaging to any of these high-profile music fests, or just want to dress like you are, we’ve got all your wardrobe needs covered.

Best of Coachella Style 2013

Top it off.

The perfect hat can make or break any festival fashion moment and it’s never a bad idea to protect yourself from a day spent in the sun. This year we’re coveting two very different types of hats: a Rachel Zoe-approved wide-brimmed floppy hat and a sporty chic baseball cap. The sun hat is a seventies staple that can add a dash of glamour to any outfit, but we think a baseball hat in any fabrication and with any logo will be the topper of choice for the 2013 festival season. Any trend that’s been spotted on Rihanna and Cara Delevigne is a sure bet to be seen on cool kids on every continent.

Shady lady.

Protect your peepers with a pretty pair of sunglasses. We’re big fans of the classic Wayfarer or Aviator styles, but festivals are the perfect time to shake up our sartorial routines. Leave the Aviators at home and opt for a round metallic pair of John Lennon shades (Lady Gaga and the Olsens are fans). Or channel your inner Lolita (or Taylor Swift) with a cherry-red heart-shaped pair. But leave the pricey Diors and Tom Fords at home; festivals are crowded and chaotic and the chances of losing or destroying your shades is way too high.

Who wears short shorts?

And finally, no festival fashion roundup would be complete without mentioning the piece de resistance, denim cut-offs. Once reserved for Daisy Duke and Never-Nudes, denim cut-offs are absolutely unavoidable on the festival circuit. Sure, you could walk into almost any store in the mall and buy a pair of vintage-inspired shorts, but the coolest girls opt for the real deal when it comes to vintage apparel. Here is our step-by-step guide to crafting your perfect pair of cut-offs.

1. Pick up a pair of oversized jeans from your local vintage store. We prefer men’s Levis in a light wash, but the choice is yours. Going a size or two up will give your shorts just the right amount of sag and slouch without requiring a belt to keep them in place.

2. Cut the jeans to your desired length. Be sure not to cut the pockets and angle down slightly at the back (unless you want your cheeks peeking out). We always leave a little extra length for step three.

3. Fray the ends of the legs with a cheese grater. This gives the shorts an authentic vintage look.

4. Customization. Add studs, bleaching, tie-dye or patches to your shorts to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

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