Sizzling Summer Stripes

Stripes are back this season in a big way. To be honest, they never really go out of style, but each season there are new fun ways to channel this trend. In summer 2010 it was all about nautical stripes, and now that it is summer 2011, there are plenty more interesting ways to incorporate stripes into the hottest trends. It doesn’t have to be just a striped tee shirt or button down, check out these five fresh ways to sport stripes this summer.

Stripes on the Bottom

One hot trend this summer that can be adapted to include stripes is the bold on the bottom look. Previously women might not have worn bold patterns or horizontal stripes on the bottom because it can accentuate the hips and make them look bigger. But what with harem pants, maxi-skirts, and high-waisted shorts, I think we have moved well past that school of thought. So embrace your womanly hips and wear some bold stripes in the form of a skirt or even a pair of pants.

Check out Anthropologie’s Banded & Belted Shorts in Pale Yellow, $68. Available at Anthropologie.

Bright Colours

This season has been all about bright colours and colour blocking and it’s especially fun to integrate stripes into this trend. Bright coloured stripes were all over the spring/summer runways, from Prada to Marc Jacobs. They look great on a billowy maxi-dress or a pretty blouse. It’s the perfect summer look.

Check out H&M’s Striped Belted T-Shirt Dress in Multistriped, $19.95. Available at H&M.

Mixing Prints

You’ve all probably seen all the print and pattern mixing that has been going on since the fall. Well this works with stripes too! When you take two contrasting patterns it creates a beautiful fusion of colours and textures. Somehow, two patters that are completely different can look absolutely stunning together. Take a bold stripe and mix it with a busy floral or even an animal print. Perfect for those days when you just can’t decide which pattern to wear; now you can wear them all at once!

Check out Banana Republic’s Silk Ikat Printed Pencil Skirt in Orange, $95. Available at Banana Republic.

Geometric Stripes

Stripes don’t always have to be made of solid lines. The stripes themselves can be made up of patterns and shapes running parallel to each other. Missoni has been doing this kind of style for years. This year the patterns tend to take on an Aztec sort of look with all the geometric shapes. This certainly not your average stripe!

Check out French Connection’s Summer Thistle Strappy Playsuit in Black/Swansdown, $49.99. Available at French Connection.


It’s not just the clothing that is taking on this trend; striped accessories are fun way to spice up and otherwise simple outfit, or add to an already outlandish outfit. You will find no shortage of shoes, bags, bangles, scarves, and hats that are covered in stripes this season. Striped shoes are just too good to be true, so start embracing this trend now, because summer will be over before you know it. 

Check out Zara’s Printed Stripe Scarf in Orange, $19.99. Available at Zara.

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