From Fashion Don’t to Fashion Do: Socks and Sandals

With spring weather just around the corner most girls are ready to start wearing floral dresses and strappy sandals. Unfortunately, the temperatures aren’t quite warm enough to start baring those toes quite yet (not to mention it might be time for a post-winter pedicure). Thankfully there is a new stylish solution to cold feet, but it’s likely to go against everything you thought you knew about fashion: Socks and sandals.

This is a trend that has been spotted all over runways and street-style blogs this season. Too long have socks been left in the shadows; covered up by boots, worn mismatched, inside out and even with holes in them. It’s time to put socks out in the open! Check out these five ways to wear this new quirky yet surprisingly chic trend. 

Fun & Feminine

If you find this trend a little out of your comfort zone, start with a pair of dainty white ankle socks and a pair of wedges. These short, light socks with cute chunky wedges give an innocent, girlish feel to this look. Wear sheer white socks, or a pair with frilly edges, and you’re guaranteed to feel feminine and fun.

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Colour blocking is the hottest trend this spring, so why not try it on your feet? Take a pair of brightly coloured shoes, and pair them with different coloured bright socks. When colour blocking, make sure to avoid patterns, which can make the outfit look too busy. Pair your vibrant footwear with a subtler outfit and turn your feet into the main event.

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Striped socks are not just for the wicked witch of the west.  Wear them with solid coloured shoes, so the shoe straps really pop out against the stripes. This is a great way to dress down a pair of high heels for a more casual outfit. Try this look, and no one will ever fail to notice your footwear.

Via Tommy Ton


If you don’t feel like wearing heels or anything open-toed, try coupling socks with a nice pair of brogues or flat oxfords. These may not be sandals, but they are still right on trend and totally adorable. This is a casual, everyday look that works great with skirts or with cuffed jeans.

Via Style Scrap Book 

Mix & Match

Probably the most daring way to sport this trend is by mixing patterns. Animal prints are all the rage right now and nothing beats a pair of leopard print shoes. As for the socks, keep to a simple print “ small dots or argyle. Or if you’re feeling really audacious, you can wear gingerbread man print socks like those in the photo below.

Via Man Repeller

Just remember, it’s meant to be a fun, youthful trend, so get creative and try not to let past memories of your dad wearing gym socks and Birkenstocks get in your way. 

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