How to Look Hot and Not Freeze this Winter

Did you know that you can look sexy without showing a ton of skin? (Of course you do, I’m being facetious.) Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing girls running around with bare legs and teeny tiny cropped jackets in the dead of winter. Or worse: no coat at all. If you can’t afford coat check then you should probably stay home and if your strategy for your night out is to get so drunk that you don’t feel the cold in your skimpy outfit, girl¦ you need to sort out your life.

Bear with me while I rant further on the matter. The thing with these girls is they think they look hot and sexy, and sometimes they do. But it ends up backfiring on them because more often than not, based on my guy friends that I’ve talked to, they also look stupid. Sure, they might succeed in catching a guy’s eye and even if that guy is looking at her lustfully, at the end of the day (or night rather) he will be unimpressed by their lack of realization that it’s minus a million outside. They look desperate, like they’re trying too hard, and that will cancel out all the sexiness of the ass and cleavage that’s hanging out. Blue and purple legs and frostbit toes are not hot.

DON’T BE THAT GIRL. Start with these three simple rules that will keep you from succumbing to hypothermia while you’re waiting in line at the club or trying to hail a cab.

Rule #1: BOOTS. No strappy heels or peeptoe pumps. It’s WINTER, wear BOOTS. Whether it’s a pair of ankle booties or sexy thigh-highs, for the love of God just keep your feet covered.

thigh high boots

Rule #2: TIGHTS. If you want to wear a skirt or dress, don’t leave your legs bare. Wear a pair of thermal tights like Heat Holders”trust me, your legs will thank you. Bonus: nobody will be able tell if it’s been a few days since you last shaved.

holiday party

Rule #3: COAT. That’s coat, not fall jacket. Sorry to be all mom about it but it’s wintertime and you need a proper coat. Stylish winter coats that keep you warm without making you look like a sleeping bag do exist and you should invest in one.


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