The Peplum Trend

Peplum, peplum, peplum! It is the latest fashion craze that is taking the fashion industry by storm once again. Everyone from couture designer houses such as CHANEL to mainstream popular retailers like Topshop are embracing the fashion trend in their spring 2012 and fall 2012 collections, proving that it is not going to disappear anytime soon. That being said, here are some fashion tips on how to wear the unique trend and get you on the peplum bandwagon!

1. Choose your choice of peplum
Whether it’s a jacket, a blouse or a skirt, you need to invest in an article of clothing that you wouldn’t mind wearing that has the peplum effect and that you could see yourself wearing very often. If you’re someone who wants to transition from work to play, consider a playful peplum LBD or even a fitted peplum skirt. If you’re looking for something more casual and flirty, a white peplum blouse with denim skinny jeans should be your inspiration. But whatever your style is, just make sure you can see yourself actually wearing the item “ or else it will just hang in your closet collecting dust.

2. Think colour, texture and pattern
Since the peplum style is essentially an overskirt attached with dramatic ruffles, it often speaks for itself when worn with a fashionable and cleverly planned outfit. But that doesn’t mean that your peplum top or dress has to be solid, plain colour. Play around with abstract patterns, lace and fall colours to give your outfit a stylish edge. But don’t go overboard. Remember, the peplum is all about balancing the top with the bottom, so if you wear a bright red peplum skirt, try a lighter or darker shade blouse or top and vice versa if wearing a detailed pattern textured peplum top: go bright on top and simple on the bottom.

3. Consider fit
If you can ever think of a time where finding your true size is really important, this is it. The last thing you want is to buy and wear a peplum top where it’s so loose that you don’t know which part of the top is actually peplum! Remember, the peplum detail is like a clothing item and an accessory in one, therefore you have to make sure that it stands out clearly when worn and isn’t overshadowed by baggy ill-fitted sleeves or a loose midriff.

4. Wear with confidence
Some trends are easier to wear than others. Peplum is definitely not one of them. But don’t get discouraged or revolted from the idea of wearing it just because you don’t wear it as perfect as the models do. Ease your way into the trend by purchasing items that have a slight waist ruffle or overskirt and pair it with everyday staple items that make you naturally feel comfortable and once you get used to it, you’ll be wearing peplum like a pro!

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