Our Favourite Songza Playlists for Every Occasion

If you haven’t discovered Songza yet, you’re in for a treat. Curated for basically every activity and mood, we’ve rounded up some of the best playlists to be the soundtracks for your summer. From summer anthems to chill indie tunes, we've got you covered—all you have to do is bring the drinks. 


Ladies leave your men at home. The club is full of ballas and they pockets full grown. Is your night about to be a Destiny’s Child song? Thought so. Ladies night is one of the most important nights that you’ll have and some that should absolutely be cherished. But what music to set the pre-game tone (because, let’s be real—no one wants to pay for booze at da club)? With the Songza playlist “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” obvs. This dance party-worthy playlist just the right amount of Britney, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera (“Gang’s all here!”) cause it’s 11:30 and the club is jumpin’ jumpin’. (Pre-dranks not included)

Backyard Patio Party

Having a bunch of friends over for some barbecue and drinks? Mix in some music that has a little something for everyone. “The Ultimate 100” has all of the big-name songs on the radio right now, with a little bit of pop, indie, R&B, country and rock sprinkled in so everyone will have a good time—and not just because you’re the most wicked host of life, though that helps too.

Road trippin’

Whether you’re heading to the cottage or the campsite, road trips are the best and the music can either make or break that experience. Beat the country road radio static and get “The O.C. Soundtrack” loud on the speakers. This groovy blend of indie and alternative tracks (with a mainstream tracks peppered in between), this will quickly become your quintessential windows-down-music-up playlist.

Workout Mix

It’s bikini season, but that doesn’t mean the workouts stop. Get sweaty and ready for a day (or a few) at the beach with “Sexy, Sweaty Dance Workout.” You’ll be grinding and dancing and jumping around so much you’ll forget you’re supposed to be working out and those calories will just slide off you. Just beware when you listen to this at the gym instead of at home—we can’t guarantee you won’t get any awkward sideward glances.

Tanning at the Beach

It’s hot and sunny, you’ve gotten in your morning pre-bikini workout (see above), and now it’s time to unwind and even out that left arm driving tan. Maybe you’ve brought a couple friends or maybe you’re flying solo with just a book, your tunes and the sand between your toes—whatever your pleasure, chillax with “Barefoot Beach Chill.” These totally beachy, summery, laid-back tunes will have you happy and relaxed in no time.

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