One Celeb, Four Looks: Dakota Fanning

Becoming one of Hollywood’s most prominent actresses before her seventh birthday (hello, I am Sam) has only heightened Dakota Fanning’s celebrity status as she matures. No longer is Dakota defined entirely by her acting pursuits, but also by the poise she exudes through her garments. Let’s just say Dakota’s chic street style gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase ˜Uptown Girl’. Here are four of our favourite looks debuted on this young style icon:

1. Casually Chic
Last week, Dakota was spotted looking casual and classy while strutting her style in New York. After turning 18 in February, Dakota’s adult status emanates through her attire. A chic blazer paired with an elegant blouse is a very white-collar look for her, but the pleated fire-engine red skirt and puffed shoulders incorporate more glam into the outfit. This look epitomizes how one can dress up work wear, without falling into the tired blazer-and-pinstripe routine.
Dakota Fanning New York City March 2012

2. ˜50s Resurgence
At the 15th anniversary of the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Awards in New York last week, Dakota looked like she had just emerged from a ˜50s soiree while donning a pastel-tinted Miu Miu dress. Incorporating in Spring 2012’s sorbet shades helps emphasize the starlet’s soft features and golden strands. Dakota mastered this sophisticated look while still appearing cute and, most importantly ” looking her age. For those of shorter height, the key is to find a fitted dress that cuts above the knee. If not, you risk looking like the dress is wearing you.
Dakota Fanning Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Awards 2012 

3. Futuristic Trendsetter
This celeb’s avant-garde style is a sure-fire way to make heads turn. Aside from elegant wear, Dakota was seen donning futuristic-esque attire during the Rodarte Fall 2012 fashion show in New York City. Geometric-shaped sleeves and offbeat colours makes one second guess her look before deciding it works for her. Dakota proves why it’s important to experiment with your garments. In other words, don’t always rely on your fashion comfort zone. Clothing is allowed to be toyed with, and when two pieces work well together, you’ll end up surprising yourself ” and those around you.
Dakota Fanning Rodarte Fall 2012 fashion show 

4. Flower Child
Flower-crazed prints trampled over the Spring 2012 runways this season, leaving no room for dispute: this exploding trend has become even brighter and bolder. No celeb has encapsulated this look (at least thus far) as vividly as Dakota. The actress modeled a Valentino strapless tulle gown at the MET gala in New York last May. The delicate faux flowers pinned to the number add texture, making this leading lady look like a fairy princess… in the most mature way possible. Find similar inspiration and scope out a statement piece that not only accords with your style, but stops people dead in their tracks.
Dakota Fanning MET Awards Gala 2011 

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