New Style Study: Moms Take Fashion Cues from Their Daughters

Gone are the days when our mother would nag us for leaving the house in a sheer blouse and short, denim cut-offs. According to a new study, she’ll likely be scouring stores to buy herself a pair.

A study conducted by Philadelphia’s Temple University Fox School of Business revealed that moms tend to copy their teen’s makeup and garment choices.

The study polled 343 Israeli mother-daughter duos about fashion and shopping preferences.

The impact adolescents have on their parents is much more profound than has been credited to them, a marketing professor at Temple University said to the Toronto Star.

Here’s what the research discovered: a mother interested in the realm of fashion is more likely to view their youngster as a personal style icon. The result? They often emulate their daughter’s wardrobe selections.

If you think about it, the study makes sense. Whether the average female youth surveys future trends in Vogue or is an avid street-style admirer, high-street fashion has been integrated into our daily lives.

Not to mention, aren’t today’s youth the soon-to-be trendsetters of coming generations?

When a gal is immersed in the world of couture, it can make a mom feel out-of-touch, as they cast their mind back to their own years of youth.

However, we have yet to spot a mother-daughter pair walking alongside one another modeling identical outfits!

But when it comes down to it, there’s a lot more we learn from our ˜rents.

And hey, if our mama is curious about our chic ensembles, shouldn’t we be flattered? It’s not until we spot her sporting a sheer super-fit cocktail dress “ that looks all too familiar to the one absent from our closet! “ that we should become wary.

What do you think of the latest style study? Does your mom tend to admire your fashion finds?

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