Jeremy Scott Debuts Quirky Collection for Moschino at Milan Fashion Week

On Thursday, designer Jeremy Scott debuted his fall 2014 Moschino collection at Milan Fashion Week. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Rita Ora even walked the runway in support of his rather unusual designs. While the brand is known to have stand-out pieces, Jeremy Scott seems to have taken the cake for making the crowd gape.

Pieces from this collection include Spongebob print, references to consumerism such as McDonalds, Hershey's and Budweiser and even a gown with nutritional value facts printed on it. Chip bag and cereal box prints are also curious additions to this collection, turning their eccentric print into form-fitting, designer dresses.

Viewers have taken to social media and stormed the internet with reactions and feedback from Scott's collection. While some are bidding farewell to Moschino as a result of Scott's controversial pieces and laughing at its overall tackiness, some seem to be on the other end of the spectrum and are enjoying the spectacle of pop culture and consumerism.

Moschino Fall 2014


While his designs may seem risky and have gathered a lot of media attention, is that not one of the main purposes of fashion-to make a statement? Even if there is no statement or meaning really, aren't eye-catching, attention grabbing pieces a statement in themselves? Could there be a meaning to Scott's designs? Maybe the nutritional value wedding gown is a symbol or message for all those brides losing weight to fit into their gowns? If you look closely on the back of the gown towards the bottom it states, “INGREDIENTS: DOES NOT CONTAIN HEALTHY INGREDIENTS”. Could this be a message or critique about consumerism, health, body image or society in general? Maybe Scott is trying, in a new and innovative way, to bring consumerism and the concerns of today onto the runway and blend them into fashion?

Whatever his reasons, as the audience, we can only gawk and goggle with our mouths wide open and wonder. Some have started referring to Scott's designs as “fast fashion”, a blend between the fast food industry and fashion. Two realms that would appear to not have much in common have finally come together in a collection that really makes you wonder what's going on in the designers head. And the wonderful thing about fashion is that it doesn't always have to make sense. Like a painting on the wall, it stands for itself.  

Video: Katy Perry Gets Booed on Runway at Milan Fashion Week

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