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Summer is right around the corner and flowers are blooming not only in gardens, but all over our closets! How do you balance the perfect ratio of floral on an outfit and which kinds of floral are in, and which kinds of floral should stay on curtains?

Floral Print 101
Floral has always been in if you knew how to dress it properly with the right kinds of colors and textures, because floral can be both a simple look and a busy look, it can be challenging to get the golden ratio right when it comes to picking out the kind of floral that you adore the most. The first thing to keep in mind when picking out a floral print is to ask yourself, what kind of look are you looking for?

For a simplistic and sophisticated look
Smaller flowers that are faded and small create a soft and feminine look that is appropriate for work, and for frolicking around at the beach

For a more daring and bold look
Bigger, brighter, and textured floral print with like colors can create a look ready for the runways and swaying to a full lineup at all the summers hottest festivals.

For those that are feeling a little fiercer
Lingerie like floral lace can go great with a bustier bra underneath and some great tight denim. Floral lace can support and accent certain colors that you might be pairing up along with other bright and saturated looks.

Floral is always fun to pair with men style inspired clothing as to avoid looking like a innocent young girl, to contrast with the floral, pair it with blazers, fedoras, button up shirts, and a crisp straight leg pants.

For people that are new to the rosebuds and the daisies
It's always safe to pair up a floral print with a neutral color. Floral prints can are springing up everywhere this season and its best to pair up some of those outrageous petals with some basic colors like white, black, beige, cream, and light pink and turquoise.

American Apparel has some great floral print lace dresses that can be dressed up for formal occasions with a little twist and even cuter floral print chiffon shirts that go with leggings and every pair of sunglasses you own.

There you have it ladies and gentlewoman! Go out there and put some buds on your butts!

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