How to Wear This Season’s Prints

Stripes, florals, and even plaids work well with different fabrics and graphics, but be careful of flamboyant, large safari and abstract prints. Whatever you choose to wear, be sure to stand out (and enjoy it!)

These have been in since early this year and are surely going to make a statement this autumn. Flowered dresses aren’t just for your grandmother anymore! From summer minidresses to rose accents on sweaters, florals are versatile, fun, and have effectively made the transition between seasons. They are also easy to combine with other patterns and will not overwhelm one’s frame.

The classic French-inspired white off-shoulder blouse with bold navy or black stripes. Striped tops look especially great when paired with dark-washed jeans or straight black pants, but have you considered nautical striped dresses or sweaters? By the way, when worn effectively, horizontal stripes will not make you look wider, as the common belief is!

The colourful, the quirky, and the eye-catching are all having a fashion moment. Whether you prefer romantic watercolours, neon shades, or bright paisleys, you’re in luck this year. Try this one on your socks (which are super popular this season).

Polka dots:
Once thought to be simply a spring or summer trend, polka dots are being spotted in black and white, red, and navy on blouses and tunic tops, as seen at Dolce and Gabbana.

Schoolgirl Plaids:
The fitted plaid button-down is here to stay and has become a wardrobe classic. Plaid shirts evoke a hipster vibe, and are young and fresh without seeming childlike. They flatter a variety of body shapes and sizes as well.



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