How to Pull Off the Biker Chic Look

The avant-garde and haute couture-inspired biker look might not be your ideal choice for summer wardrobe selections. Maybe you think that it’s too heavy, too striking, and bears too strong a contrast to the floaty and feminine looks which are also on trend these days. However, fashion is never about and has never been about just one fad. If anything, summer 2011 is about contradictions in terms, the willingness to experiment, and a chance to branch out and enjoy everything that this season’s styles have to offer.

Metallic Touches
Whether these happen to be skinny studded belts, accented jewelry, or embellished tops, one thing is for sure- summer isn’t going to be dull or plain this year! Metallics have been a mainstay in fashion throughout the past couple of seasons, and summer is no exception. If you ever need a part, visit the online bicycle parts adelaide shop.

Check out Zara’s Chain Necklace in Gold, $45.90. Available at Zara.

Summertime Leather
A staple in any self-respecting biker babe’s wardrobe, leather or pleather jackets might be too warm for July, but leather shorts and skirts are back in fashion. Many of you reading this might be thinking too tacky, too uncomfortable, too runway for everyday life. Try combining black pleather bottoms with a white blouse, wedges, and a beach bag. You’d be surprised what the right accessories can do for an item of clothing!

Check out Urban Outfitters’ Sparkle & Fade Leather Shorts in Black, $99. Available at Urban Outfitters.

Less is More
If you’re new to the biker or punk looks (popularized by Balmain on the catwalk this year), try incorporating one piece at a time into your inspired outfit. Whether you choose to work with fabrics, accessories, or cutting-edge prints, go for one aspect at a time and add in basics such as a solid tee, understated necklace, or neutral flats to balance out your look.

Check out Aldo’s Ohearn Patent Flats in Bone, $50. Available at Aldo Shoes.

Edgy lace
Lace isn’t just for party dresses any more! This iconic summer fabric has gone from soft and ladylike to mysterious and fashion-forward as dark floral lace appears on tops, skirts, and even pumps this season. Try combining a layered coloured lace tank with a high-waisted white skirt, flats, and a statement necklace for a style which is the perfect combination of daring fashionista and classic summer clean.

Check out Forever 21’s Cropped Lace Tank in Fuchsia, $12.80. Available at Forever 21.

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