Coco Rocha is Launching Her Own Clothing Line

Coco Rocha and fashion collective, LA-based Paragon Project, announced today the launch of Co+Co by Coco Rocha, a ready-to-wear clothing line fronted by the Canadian Model. Rocha will design the line herself, and serve as the brand’s ambassador.

The new line will launch with 60 pieces being described as contemporary sportswear inspired by architecture. The prices will range from $80 to $300.

Having spent 13 years in the fashion industry, Rocha admits that she has waited longer than most to embark on her clothing line.

“It’s always been in my mind to do it. But sometimes models are not taken seriously in this field,” she told WWD. “We’re to pose in the clothing but we don’t necessarily have our own point of view. But Paragon knew from conversations on day one that I was going to be very hands-on. They like that, rather than someone who comes in and only says, ‘Yes, no and maybe.’

Rocha’s husband James Conran is also involved in the project as a creative collaborator. Even though the two are working side-by-side, Rocha says their work hasn’t caused any arguments at home.

Weirdly enough, we don’t fight about work, she said. You might not believe me, but we don’t. If we fight, it’s about who didn’t clean what. I love working with James because he will always tell me exactly what he thinks “ (even if) maybe at the time I won’t. If someone is always telling me, ˜Yes, that’s great’ and James turns to me and says, ˜I don’t think that’s a great idea,’ then I know it’s important to pay attention to what he’s saying.

In conjunction with the launch, Rocha will also be re-launching her website,, by late January to serve as a lifestyle network, as well as an online retailer for Co+Co.


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