Wear the Black & White Trend

One of the hottest and easiest trends to try this summer is the classic black and white combination. The two shades, which just happen to work effortlessly together, may seem bland at first glance but there are various ways to wear the duo and we’re here to help lay out the best ways you can master the style.


This is the most obvious one, but most effective too. Black and white stripes, preferably horizontal, look good on everyone (based on the line thickness) and this trust-worthy pattern is also a must to have in your closet since it goes with about anything and everything from skinny colored jeans to pencil skirts. Note: feel free to try vertical stripes to if you feel really daring!

Black and White Stripes Trend


A bit different than just basic stripes, black and white patterns were seen all over the runways of the most fashionable designers including Diane von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta, who played with chevron and tie dye patterns. Think outside the box and consider investing a white-black piece like a Houndstooth dress, which is perfectly appropriate for the day to the night.

Black on Top, White on Bottom (or vice versa)

Again, this style tip may seem simple but it can be turn a meh outfit into a wow outfit, depending on how you coordinate the two shades. Most people will cringe at the idea of wearing white pants or skirts with a black top, but in reality, this can change a look from casual to dressy. If you’re fashion risk taker, find a pair of white pants to suit your body type and a pair with a white flowing blouse or blazer for a chic style approach.

Black and White Outfit


I’m a firm believer that trying a trend isn’t limited to clothing only, but accessories to, which in my opinion is the most important part of an outfit. If you’re going for an all-black outfit, opt for white statement jewelry, like white pearls or silver cuff bracelets. The point is to find any way to incorporate either shade in accessory form and pile it on!


The best thing about the fashion industry is its creative approach to already combine two styles and create pieces with intricate and interesting details. Whether it’s a white shirt with solid black buttons or a black blazer with white lapels (a fashion piece I’m looking for myself still) the possibilities are endless and you just need to find what suits your style.

[Photos: Lookbook.nu and Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 rtw]

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